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Donald J. Trump Rally Wilkes-Barre, PA 08/02/18 Video

Once again President Donald Trump put on an excellent rally in Wilkes-Barre Township PA last night. Trump had me glued to my TV listening to his speech

Trump also rallied support for Republican Senate candidate Lou Barletta as the crowd cheered loudly. Folks do the right thing and Vote Republican in the Midterms!

Trump’s economy has Democrats singing the same old ‘tax, spend, regulate’ song.

Like a baseball team that is way behind going into the fifth inning, Democrats (and socialists) are hoping for the political equivalent of a rain-out, so that the game President Trump is winning will be canceled, allowing them time to regroup.

Friends it’s imperative we get to the polls and Vote Republican in this midterm primary and general elections. We must help OUR PRESIDENT Drain The Swamp!

Those swamp creatures are fighting like crazy and are censoring Independent Bloggers like myself trying to squash our message. We’re in the biggest fight of our lives!

Oh well.. as usual.. Just my two cents worth! 😉

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