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Donald J Trump A President We Can Depend On If Irma Comes Knocking

Watching the advisories about hurricane Irma that might hit Florida this weekend. It’s comforting to know Donald J Trump is ready to send government help!

Donald J Trump Hurricane Harvey

President Donald Trump participates in a tour of the Texas Department of Public Safety Emergency Operations Center

I sat and watched his responses when hurricane Harvey devastated Texas. We couldn’t ask for better coordination from government agency’s from Donald J Trump coordinating with FEMA and Texas officials.

So as Hurricane Irma takes aim at Florida he reassures us through Twitter that he’s on the job assisting Florida governor Rick Scott declaring Florida a state of emergency!

We’re worried about this monster hurricane, especially living in a mobile home. Irma is larger than the width of Florida state. Also concerned this sites web-server is located in Miami. Thank God for snapshots and backups! 😎

Yesterday it appeared Irma would skirt the east coast of Florida. That would be a worse case scenario, especially at high tide, that could blow a huge storm surge into Tampa Bay. With Pinellas being a peninsula that storm surge would flood most of Pinellas county and St Petersburg and Tampa. God please keep it away from here!

We’ve been watching Irma’s storm track change today, shifting further to the east. The screen shot below is current as of this blog posting.

Hurricane Irma Track 09/06/17

Latest storm track of hurricane Irma as of 09/06/17 6:00 PM

You’ll never hear any president Trump compliments from liberal media. Liberals are such sore losers that Hillary Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump, they’ll never give our Potus credit for the good he has done for America.

If you’re a president Donald Trump supporter check out YouTuber Mark Dice. Mark does an excellent job exposing liberal media and has over a million followers!

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