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CBS ’60 Minutes Fake News’ is ‘Heavily Edited’ Very Fake News

Last night CBS News aired it’s 60 Minutes segment about Fake News. However it was nothing more than their typical left leaning falsehoods, without the real top news they conveniently left out.

CBS Scott Pelley On Fake News

CBS News Scott Pelley aired this steaming load of manure last night about fake news, that was in itself fake news!

CBS ’60 Minutes’ interviewed pro-Trump Twitter legend and Attorney, Mike Cernovich the founder of Danger and Play in their segment.

That interview did not go well for 60 Minutes. Just the fact it was heavily edited speaks volumes for CBS News lack of credibility. 😥

Meanwhile, CBS and Scott Pelley have not released their full interview with Mike Cernovich. Why not release the full video for the public to view? They for sure are afraid of being exposed by the fake narrative within.

Mark Dice had this to say: CBS 60 Minutes aired an investigation into fake news which was mostly fake news itself. The “fake news” scare was drummed up immediately after the election as an excuse to censor and shut down alternative.

This homeless woman was beaten by pro Hillary Clinton activists ‘possibly paid by George Soros.’ No mention about this incident from ‘very fake CBS News’!

And this famous photo of Hillary Clinton being helped up staircase by her secret service agents and that big black dude, said to be her doctor.. 😆

Before this CBS News hit-piece aired. Fox News personality Sean Hannity was being chastised by another 60 Minutes reporter Ted Koppel.

On CBS Sunday Morning, senior contributor Ted Koppel tells Fox News Sean Hannity that he is bad for America because he has “attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than the truth.

Friends, this is nothing more than a spin by major liberal media in a desperate attempt to improve their ratings.

Abandon these left spinning purveyors of very fake news. We’re not interested in your bullshit.

Donald Trump watches Fox News and you should too! 😉

Meanwhile as CBS liberal media crap is spinning their narrative of fake news hoping their ratings improve. Our Twitter account is being Stealth Banned. And Facebook is throttling conservative links back as fake news.

If Y’all can’t handle publishing the truth – git out of the news business! 😡

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