Popular Start Over Feature Removed From Spectrum Cable TV

Since Bright House Networks merged with Spectrum AKA Charter, we have confirmed their “Start Over” feature has been removed.

Spectrum Social Live Chat Session
Spectrum cs live chat over over removed feature after bhn merger

Start Over is a very popular feature that we use a lot. It’s especially appreciated in the morning if we’re late for the morning news. Just select start over from the menu and walla..

Update 12/13/18: We cut the cable and switched to YouTube TV. See this post for further details.

Last week we discovered this feature was not working. The option was available but the feature would not start. Tried rebooting spectrum’s cable box with no help.

A few days later Spectrum’s start over feature option disappeared from the cable box option menu.

Last night after trying it again and not seeing the option i called support. Figured it was the converter box that went bed.

After a few minutes the rep (i could hear him typing) said it’s a signal problem. The spectrum support rep said to wait 72 hours then call back if the problem is not cured.

Soon afterward i went to twitter and contacted support again. It’s been my experience in the past that social support was much better than Bright House / Charter call in customer service.

That Spectrum rep confirmed start over feature had been removed from some channels. He didn’t specify which channels were removed from Spectrum start over, but said to try Bay News Nine, it it’s working the feature was removed from the channel i was trying to access. 🙄

Sure enough Spectrum start over worked on bay news nine. So such a popular feature was removed from NBC 1008, Fox News 1014, and USA 1238, that i know of.

Querying Google and Bing search for “Spectrum Start Over Not Working” there were several complaints about start over. This one on Spectrum forums  On Demand and Start Over not working for 3 weeks now! And another complaining about Start Over and On Demand not working.

This is typical corporate bs – merge with a good company that provided excellent service and support. Then raise the price then take away features!

Update 03/17/17: Our Start Over feature just started working again last week.  Maybe the network was not fully merged, or maybe Spectrum had so may people complaining they re-enabled the service.

Just my two cents worth as usual.. 😉

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