Good Buying Experience Not For Returns

Rock Auto Personal Review. All The Parts Your Car Will Ever Need. Great buying experience, easy system to locate and purchase auto parts. However the system is challenging for returns.

RockAuto ReviewI have an older Chrysler car – not yet an antique but for sure a collectible. It’s old enough that finding some replacement parts can be challenging. Last summer i stumbled upon and since then have ordered many parts. The price can’t be beat and up until last week i had nothing but praise for the business.

An Air Conditioning low side pressure cut out switch i had purchased from had developed a refrigerant leak.  It was still under warranty, so i started a return / replacement.

The system is not return friendly and seems like just about every link clicked on opened a new browser tab. Had to look up the item number, copy paste in the return authorization page. Jump through hoop after hoop until finally i was presented with the RMA and shipping label to return the part. Mailed the item off via the postal service and waited.

About 2 weeks later i received a big box from I’m puzzled, what is this. Opening the box i see a refrigerant hose for what looked like a Ford. I snapped two photos of the box and contents and sent an email to support with explication of what was wrong with the order. Got a reply back later that day saying to use the return process on their website. Wrong Part Received
Wrong classic car part purchased from customer service debacle nightmare

Locating the order was easy enough, but there was no place on the page to initiate another return, or to contact support advising of their error sending the wrong part. I gave up, emailed support back explaining the problem with initiating the return process. At that time i went on’s review site and left a truthful 2 star review explaining the frustrating error and difficult return process. Review Removal Request
Review removal request from initiated by

The review i left was never published by, i looked for it for several days and never found my review. Now here is the pisser, yesterday i received an email from with a return shipping label.

Today i receive an email from saying RockAuto is requesting the review i left be removed since a resolution was reached. First off i was requested to take the wrong part to FedEx to ship it back to them. They are holding my needed part hostage until the wrong part is returned, then they will send out the correct part. is allegedly running a padded review system. It’s my opinion if a customer leaves a low star negative review, customer lobby holds that review and sends notification to their client. Makes sense since i was unable to find the two star review left for rock auto. Also from what i can see, customer lobby does not offer the ability to sort by the number of stars given a business.

From what i have Googled up there are quite a few unhappy rock auto car parts buyers. Most rock auto negative reviews have to do with wrong part and returns. Examples are here here and here. I’m not planning on purchasing from rock auto again, but if i do, it will be knowing if it’s wrong or defective I’m stuck with it. Can you imaging being out of the USA and having a long distance debacle like this?

If i were rockauto’s cs manager, I would have send out the correct part via next day air with an apology, and include a return label for the wrong part. I have no problem driving it to our local FedEx location about 7 miles away. That’s what I would have done under the circumstances. This is not good business!

Just my two cents worth as usual 🙂

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