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Tampa Bay Auto Fair Collector Car Show 2000

Auto Fair 2000 At Tampa Fairgrounds Starring “The Mayor” Joe Perrin!

Hello, my name is Joe Perrin. I am also called the “Mayor.” Its my job to keep the rest of this bunch in order. We had a great time.. Lots of Cars, Women & Booze! And of course we all have hangovers and Sunburns!

auto fair photo 1

Rose and Dennis Davis with Jerry Bueler right.

auto fair photo 2

The Rolls Royce made a great bar!

auto fair photo 3

The Vodka sure gave Joe the munchies.. LOL!

auto fair photo 4

Cathy Perrin and Rose Davis

auto fair photo 5

The booze is starting to talk.

auto fair photo 6

Rose and Dennis Davis

auto fair photo 7

Joseph Perrin and son Ryan with a friend. Standing next to a custom Plymouth Rampage

auto fair photo 8

Joe and Catherine Perrin with son Ryan and friend

auto fair photo 9

I need to go on a serious diet!

auto fair photo 10

Our spot in the car corral. Tampa Bay Auto Fair 2000

auto fair photo 11

1976 Eldorado what a big classic boat to go cruising in

auto fair photo 12

Joe Perrin totally shit faced on Vodka. Munching out on potato chips

auto fair photo 13

Joe and Cathy Perrin hanging out selling a car. Look at that old cellphone

auto fair photo 14

1960 Chevy Impala 2 Door Coupe really a sweet ride

auto fair photo 15

1989 Cadillac Allante Roadster great car to go topless in

auto fair photo 16

1987 Rolls Royce Silver Spur that made a great bar

Whatever happened to the good old days? Joe Perrin passed away in 2014. May god bless him. I’m sure he is having a blast in car dealers heaven. 😉

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