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Trump Rally Hershey PA 12/10/19 Instant HD Replay

Trump Rally Hershey PA had the presidents supporters cheering in this instant replay. President Trump mocked the Democratic impeachment effort in the key swing state. He called the process ‘impeachment lite’ and touted it would lead to his reelection in 2020. 😎

Nancy Pelosi unveiled her articles of impeachment earlier making the fake-news networks giddy. Then she said she supported president Trumps long-sought United States-Mexico-Canada trade agreement. Trump rally Hershey PA. Any Democrat who votes to Impeach our duly elected president is shooting themselves in the ASS come 2020!

trump rally hershey pa

Thousands waited for hours in the freezing rain waiting to gain access to the presidents rally in Hershey PA

President Trump declared his poll numbers have gone through the roof because of Pelosi’s stupid impeachment. It’s the silver lining of impeachment and this witch hunt. That’s the reason they approved USMCA that has been sitting on Nancy Pelosi’s desk for 7 MONTHS.

trump rally hershey pa

Cute cartoon by Ben Garrison depicting president Trump as the wizard of ozz flying high over emerald city in his MAGA king of Twitter balloon

We will not be influenced by Do Nothing Democrats trying to nullify our votes for Donald J. Trump. While you’re here check out FidoSysop’s archived Trump Rallies.

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