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Spygate FISA Report Release Countdown Has Liberal Media Spinning

Spygate FISA Report Release has leftist media running damage control ahead of next Mondays Release. The rats are really nervous. Even Lisa Page is proclaiming her innocence on Twitter. James Clapper who recently threw Barack Obama under the bus has lawyerd up.

The New York Times and Washington Post both ran stories claiming that the upcoming FISA report from Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz will claim that the FBI’s probe into the 2016 Trump campaign, was legitimate and did not involve the placing of spies inside the campaign. Though this NYT headline from 2017 contradicts their claims.

spygate fisa report

As NYT and Washington Post try softening the FISA report upcoming damages, this NYT headline from 01/20/2017 claims illegal wiretapping of Trump aids

Based on reporting and evidence that has been presented, both of those claims are nonsensical and false. The stories sound like the deep state is attempting to soft-pedal the IG’s actual findings. Leftist media is trying to get their fake-news narrative placed ahead of the game to diffuse the report’s findings. Nothing but typical DNC liberal spin!

It’s as though we all woke up this morning on an entirely separate planet. The last thing Lisa Page is, is a victim. She’s a player. When does her GoFundMe page go up? After all, she’s out of a job and has to pay for her pricey lawyers. What a scam her spygate fisa report scam is!

Personally I believe this spygate fisa report will crush the players in Americas worst political spying scandal ever. There all Guilty as charged. Even James Clapper admitted he was just following Obama’s orders spying on the Trump campaign. It’s coming Y’all! 😆

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