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President Trump Trolls Leftist Media Visits Troops In Afghanistan

President Trump Trolls Leftist Media by sending an ‘I’ll be Golfing Thanksgiving Tweet’ as he slips away to visit his troops in Afghanistan. And let me tell y’all they swallowed the bait hook line and sinker. Only our fearless leader Donald J. Trump can throw such an effective curve-ball! 😆

For the full video of president Trump with the troops click here.

President Trump loves America more than any president in my lifetime. It’s why we all love him so much. He had to make yesterdays Afghanistan visit a secret for security reasons. If he hadn’t we know damn well someone would have leaked his plans to the enemy. Trump trolled leftist media saying he would spend Thanksgiving Golfing was absolutely perfect.

Have you ever known a president who spent his Thanksgiving holiday visiting his troops? Obama wouldn’t dare sneak into enemy territory like president Trump did yesterday in Afghanistan. His un-selfish style just can’t be beat by any do nothing democrat! 🙂

trump trolls leftist media

President Trump trolled the media tweeting he was golfing Thanksgiving, but slipped away to visit troops in Afghanistan leaving the media with egg on their faces.

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  1. Randy Schneider

    Thank you for all the truthful posts you do. Liberal news media is not news but a crap load of lies all the time, They should be ashamed.

    1. FidoSysop (Post author)

      Lets put the DNC Media out of business in 2020 by voting Republican straight across the board. I’d rather deal with slimy RINO’s than Democrats!


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