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Joe Biden Latino Domain Fail Registered By Trump Campaign

Joe Biden goes all out for Latino Voters but forgets to register his Biden Latino Domain name that was quickly registered by the Trump campaign. The old saying “you-snooze you-lose” is true. Joe Biden’s Latino hopeful voters are now being courted by the Trump Campaign! 😆

biden latino domain

Joe Biden goes all out for Latino Voters but forgets to register quickly snapped up by the Trump web team.

Apparently that’s not all he forgot. It was revealed that the @TodosConBiden Twitter account was not secured before announcing the new Latino effort. Of course the Trump campaign team grabbed that too. I bet he’s feeling pretty dumb right about now!

So Biden attempts to take credit for president Trump’s economy and shoved his foot in his big mouth. It’s Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s fault the economy tanked! 😡

From the Washington Times: Biden tried to dent Trump’s argument that regardless of what working people may think about him personally, his administration has helped them.

Joe Biden hammered President Donald Trump’s treatment of the middle class as he campaigned Wednesday in his childhood hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, hours ahead of the president making a separate visit to the critical battleground state.

What kind of president would Joe Biden be when he can’t remember to register his Biden Latino Domain name. And lets not forget about his Twitter bumble. And as a bonus don’t forget about his father and son Ukraine dealings when VP-44. 😎

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