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Press In Pocket Joe Biden Fails To Eviscerate Trump In Iowa

Creepy Uncle Joe Biden attacked Donald J. Trump 76 times during his low energy Iowa speech, yesterday. Everyone is laughing at the ‘old pervert’ saying ‘is that all you got?’ Yep that’s ole ‘low energy’ Joe Biden, the Democrats best shot at taking power again. 😆

low energy Joe Biden

Candidate Joe Biden hit out at Donald J. Trump 76 times during this rally in Iowa 06/11/19 that attracted very few supporters

From FoxNews: The media treated yesterday as a general-election preview because the president was also in Iowa. And the advance speech prompted Trump to do his own eviscerating at a press gaggle before leaving Washington.

“I think he’s the weakest mentally,” Trump said of Biden. “I like running against people who are weak mentally.” He called the former VP a “dummy” in terms of his approach to China. The president also called him a “loser” and said that for Biden to mention him 76 times in a speech, “that means he’s in trouble.”

Democrats don’t stand a chance in 2020. Joe Biden is the best they have in their playing field. We know president Donald J. Trump will be in the White House for a very long time!

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