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Immigrants Invade Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Vineyard

Mexican Immigrants seek asylum in the United States after crossing Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s CA Vineyard wall. The Illegal aliens were brought to house speaker Pelosi’s mansion to highlight her calling walls immoral. C’mon Nancy.. Let em in! 😆

Mexican Immigrants Invades Speaker Nancy Pelosi's CA Vineyard

Activist journalist Laura Loomer crosses Nancy Pelosi’s wall with Mexican Immigrants seeking asylum in the United States

Laura Loomer gathered  a group of illegals from from Guatemala and Mexico and traveled to Pelosi’s California vineyard estate. Loomer spray painted the world “immorality” on a tent above photos of American citizens killed by illegal aliens.

Drawing attention to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hypocrisy when it comes to her dislike for walls and borders. “A wall, in my view, is an immorality,” said speaker Pelosi before the government shut down occurred. “It’s the least effective way to protect the border and the most costly.” I can’t think of any reason why anyone would think it’s a good idea.” That is unless she has a bunch of illegals working in her vineyard picking grapes.

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  1. Doyle Nelson

    Maybe Pelosi just needed a attitude adjustment! An invasion might be just the thing!

    1. FidoSysop

      Gotta love it!

  2. mrsjohnmiltonrocks

    Oh, Lordy, what a stunt. Laura Loomer is stupid and these aren’t immigrants. Asshat.

    1. FidoSysop

      Oh, Lordy, what a great job, Laura Loomer did!

      But it depends on what side of the wall you’re on. From the other comments you left on other sites, it’s quite obvious where your stuck.. LOL!

    2. Regina Miller

      Who you calling asshat and why? Also what exactly is an asshat????

      1. Anonymous

        It is a useless garment as it serves no purpose

  3. James barber jr

    Knowing the world views her on t v. And with wealth not being an issue. Why in the world would you not get those bicusbids and molars screwed in place.

    1. Robby

      Part of the entertainment me thinks.

  4. JAF

    Are the illegals picking grspe’s invited by Pelosi or btoughtv there by Loomer?

  5. R. Sue Goleb

    If she doesn’t want to invite them into her home, she could provide food and drinks( on her ground) to show a sign of welcome and thank you….

    1. FidoSysop (Post author)

      She only wants them picking grapes in her vineyard 🙄

  6. Anonymous

    Well done securing port of Long Beach. Future is looking good.

  7. Anonymous

    It’s a great thing Laura did, by taking migrant to Pelosi now define yourself hypocrite Peloci let these humans pick grapes give them a sanctuary space for them.too.

  8. Anonymous

    She’ll probably hire them as workers on her estate, non-registered illegal aliens. But hey, wtf! She told them next time you come over wait till at least noon until I have my teeth in! Lol

  9. Anonymous

    Hey Nancy, build that wall!!


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