It’s Time To Give Haters Schumer and Pelosi The BOOT!

America has had enough of these two hateful misfits, ‘Chuckie Boy Schumer and Crumbs Nancy Pelosi’, remove them from office ASAP. Our southern border security should be a priority to them. Instead their hatred toward president Donald J. Trump is putting America at risk of more murders, drugs, gangs, and other crimes!

Seeing the petition to remove Rashida Tlaib from congress worked so well I took the initiative to start another. This one is an official petition to remove Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi from office.

Just a short blog post with my thoughts on the situation. Obviously a petition to remove Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi is not the answer. What are your thoughts or suggestions? You can also send president Trump an email via his act.

Meme depicting Donald Trump holding babies Schumer and Pelosi in his arm with pacifiers in their mouths #MAGA #BorderSecurity

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Unfortunately my petition only gathered 3 signatures 🙁 and probably was not well thought out. We’ve all seen what happens when the Swamp polices itself. Regardless Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi need to GO!

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2 Thoughts to “It’s Time To Give Haters Schumer and Pelosi The BOOT!”

  1. Wayne Vogel

    We need term limits for the House and Senate!

  2. Jean

    Pelosi Schu!er, Scniff,
    The.Dispicables,. Give them the

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