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Donald Trump Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Vandal Sentenced

Back in July 2018, a vandal took a pick axe to President Donald Trump’s Hollywood walk of fame star. Today Austin Mikel Clay, the vandal was sentenced to three years probation after pleading no contest to a felony count of vandalism 😡

Vandal Austin Mikel Clay Sentenced

Today a judge sentenced the vandal who pick axed Donald Trumps Hollywood walk of fame star to 3 years probation

The Judge also sentenced Clay on Wednesday to attend psychological counseling and pay more than $9,400 to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. He must also perform community service.

The star recognizes Trump for his work on the TV show “The Apprentice.” 🙂

After he pleaded not guilty in August, Clay told reporters the vandalism was a “rightful and just act.” He said he wanted to “bring about positive political change” and didn’t believe prosecutors should have charged him.

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