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America’s Greatest Threat To Our Democracy And Freedom Is Google

america's greatest threat

America’s Greatest Threat is making the news again today. Fox & Friends aired a segment about Google blacklisting conservative websites. One familiar blog on googs bad-boy list is The Gateway Pundit. No wonder my political articles are rarely found when searching Google 😡 I was hoping Fox News would have this particular segment on their YouTube channel. But nope.. Fox is more interested in covering the Adam Schiff Impeachment Clown Show! But i did find this political bias revealing Google…
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YouTube Search Promoting CNN Bashing Trump 2020 Kickoff Rally

youtube shameless cnn promo

This morning when searching Google owned YouTube for ‘Trump Rally Orlando’ I was served a promoted link for Fake News CNN bashing Donald Trump. President Trump spoke the TRUTH about Crooked Hillary! Google is like a prostitute, any way ya want it, pay me! It’s often said, Nothing Hurts Worse Than The Truth. President Donald J. Trump spoke the truth last night at the best yet Trump Reelection Kickoff Rally. Only Fools like CNN, MSNBC, ETC, shamelessly discredit America’s success…
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Social Media Abuse Relief? Rep. Devin Nunes Sues Twitter

Nunes Sues Twitter

Twitter has a well known reputation of censoring conservative voices and allowing anonymous account stalking and bullying, while punishing conservative and Trump supporters. California GOP Rep. Devin Nunes accused Twitter of knowingly permitting abusive behavior, and demanded $250 million compensatory damages and $350K punitive damages from the left leaning social media site and several unidentified anonymous users who used Twitter to hurl personally damaging tweets. 🙄 In the complaint, filed Monday in Henrico county, Virginia circuit court, Nunes says Twitter…
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Video By FL Shooting Survivor David Hogg Censored

David Hogg Falsely Labeled Crisis Actor by YouTube Trolls

A hacked cyberbullying video featuring Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg wound up trending on YouTube today. The offensive video was from CBS News interview with Hogg in 2017 and altered to label him a Crisis Actor. Once again YouTube has egg on their face. The video hosting site owned by Google is an unregulated playpen for both children and adults. Offensive videos can be flagged and flagged but are never removed. Is YT staff overwhelmed with complaints? 😡 Apparently…
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