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Randy Suess Computer Bulletin Board System Inventor Dead At 74

Randy Suess the co-inventor of the computer bulletin board system passed away at 74. Suess and another man Ward Christensen… Read More

10 months ago

Forum Timeline Of Personal Electronic Communications

We've came a long way since the 1st computer bulletin board system in the 80's. Bulletin boards were taken over… Read More

3 years ago

BBS Telnet Access Closed Due To Penetration Attempts

BBS Telnet Access is Temporarily Closed due to Brute Force Penetration Attempts. 09/21/16 see resolution update posted below. Someone has… Read More

4 years ago

When Pioneering Fidonet Bulletin Board System Operators Ruled

An educational trip back in time when Computer Bulletin Board System Operators (SysOps) and the Fidonet Network dominated early personal… Read More

7 years ago