Political Bias Censorship

Facebook Suspends Israel PM Netanyahu For “Automated BOT” Post

Mark Zuckerberg claims Israel Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu used a BOT to post hate speech, and temporarily suspended his account.… Read More

1 year ago

Why Forum Discussions Are Best For Political Topics

Forum discussions are the old fashioned best resource for HOT topics that are censored by social media. Political discussions right… Read More

1 year ago

PolitiChatter Social Media Alternative Worth Checking Out

PolitiChatter is the newest social media alternative. It has Facebook and Twitter similarities with lots of features. Launched in February… Read More

1 year ago

Facebook Shadowban Patent Granted Silencing Conservatives

Facebook last month was granted a patent on it's shadowban technology silencing conservatives and Donald Trump supporters. It's all out… Read More

1 year ago

Geraldo Rivera Defending Employers Hiring Illegals

Geraldo Rivera posted a tweet last week defending corporations hiring illegal immigrants after an ICE raid of Chicken processing plan… Read More

1 year ago

Social Media Censorship & Laura Loomer Congress Run

Democrats must be worried about loosing big in 2020 from what I'm witnessing in social media. The biggest news this… Read More

1 year ago

Facebook 3 Day ‘Pocahontas Fake Indian’ Ban Reversed

Logged into my Facebook act today to be greeted by a 3 Day Ban Popup, seems Facebook considers posting the… Read More

1 year ago

Alternative Search Engines To Google On The Net

While Google considers themselves the gatekeeper of the internet, there are many alternative search engines available. Some of us already… Read More

1 year ago

FidoSysop’s Two Cents Worth For Sunday 07/28/19

Yesterday was the server hacking day from hell. First i caught Google or a Googler IP attempting a Path Traversal… Read More

1 year ago

Why Is Facebook Hiding This Blog Post About Google Hacking

I'm puzzled why Facebook is hiding this blog post that I published earlier. My FidoSysop page is using 2 factor… Read More

1 year ago

Engineer Greg Coppola Kicked In The Nuts By Google

Yesterday Project Veritas published a whistleblower video where Google Engineer Greg Coppola exposed more of his employers political bias against… Read More

1 year ago

Southern Poverty Law Center Trusted Flaggers Untrustworthy

YouTube is Aggressively Attacking Conservatives with help from left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC.) This is wreaking havoc on Donald… Read More

3 years ago