Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) Campaign Scamming Hurricane Victims

Bill Nelson Scamming Hurricane Victims

In a Fundraising Email for Hurricane Michael Relief, Senator Bill Nelson Directs donors to ActBlue. An organization that helps Democrats raise money and saves donor emails for future fundraising efforts. Bill Nelson has no shame “It’s anything to win!” 😡 Sen. Bill Nelson (D) sent out an email encouraging people to donate money for hurricane Michael disaster relief. He included links to nonprofit groups that…

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Full Video: Trump Rally 10/19/18 Phoenix-Mesa AZ Gateway Airport

Trump Rally Mesa AZ

President Trump fired up his fans last night in this Mesa, AZ Rally. The crowd of more than 6,000 people roared as he made his entrance on Marine One with Rep. Martha McSally, the Republican Senate hopeful and retired U.S. Air Force pilot by his side. From In just 18 days, the people of Arizona are going to send Martha McSally, a great woman,…

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Full Video: Trump Rally 10/18/18 Missoula, MT | Vote Republican 2018

Trump Rally 10/18/18 Missoula, MT

At last nights Rally, President Trump spoke about immigration and suggested that Democrats are supporting a caravan of immigrants traveling from Central America. This will be an election of Kavanaugh, the caravan, law and order and common sense. They wanted that caravan and there are those who say that caravan didn’t just happen, it didn’t just happen. There are some 4,000 people in that caravan.…

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Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren DNA Test Proves She’s Pretendian

Pocahontas DNA Fraud

President Trump manipulated Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren into revealing her Indian ancestry is mostly a fraud! He kept pushing Pocahontas button until 2 weeks before the midterms she spit it out forcing the DNC into ridicule her stupidity 🙄 Pocahontas has lived a big lie for decades claiming she was an Indian. Her DNA test revealed it’s mostly Bull! Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s release of a DNA…

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Andrew Gillum Bullying TV Networks Running This GOP Ad

Andrew Gillum bulling tv ststions running tv ad

There’s an old saying “nothing hurts worse than the truth.” That must be why Democrat Socialist Andrew Gillum is Bullying TV Stations Running This GOP Ad. 😆 From Politco: Andrew Gillum’s gubernatorial campaign issued a cease and desist letter to TV stations warning them not to spread “maliciously false and defamatory statements” by broadcasting a Republican Party of Florida ad that accuses him of corruption.…

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My New MAGA Red Hat and YouTube Conservative Censorship

fidosysop maga red hat

Received my new Red MAGA Hat from Saturday and produced this video bragging about it. There’s nothing better than Made in the USA and the MAGA Movement! It’s also a shame how Google censors conservatives! Over the years I’ve seen my country go to crap but it’s coming back with Donald J. Trumps guidance. I thank GOD for sending President Trump to clean up…

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Hillary Clinton Viewed as ‘Kiss of Death’ by Democrat Candidates

Democrats Afraid Of Hillary Clinton

Several Democrats are saying former 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is the “kiss of death” among Democratic candidates in the 2018 midterms. Those Democrats, who spoke on condition of anonymity, voiced concerns that Clinton’s presence would threaten the party’s chances at retaking the House and Senate in 2018. This is forcing Hillary Clinton to keep campaigning to a minimum and only appearing at low-key…

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Full Video: Trump Rally Richmond KY 10/13/18 @EKU KAG2018

Trump Rally Richmond KY

President Trump held this rally last night at Eastern Kentucky University to a cheering crowd. Trump gave praise to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, crediting the Kentucky lawmaker’s toughness getting Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. Trump flew to Kentucky to campaign for three-term Republican Rep. Andy Barr, who is facing a strong challenge from Democrat Amy McGrath, a retired Marine fighter pilot, in one…

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Why Is My YouTube Act Indexed As Gaming Channel In Search

FidoSysop Gaming YouTube Channel

After publishing last nights Trump Rally and video I googled up my brand FidoSysop. It was puzzling to see my YouTube channel indexed as a Gaming Channel. I’m not a gamer and have no gaming content either here or on my YouTube channel. All year I’ve been complaining about my YouTube Videos getting nearly any views. Maybe it’s because Google has my channel improperly categorized.…

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Full Video: Trump Rally 10/12/18 @ Warren County Fairgrounds OH

Trump Rally Lebanon OH

During this Lebanon OH Rally, President Trump said he believes Republicans will win over black voters. Trump cited improved economic statistics for African-Americans and saying rapper Kanye West was “amazing” during his Oval Office visit this week. We’re asking all African-American voters to honor us with their support this November 6th, Trump said during the rally. I never thought I’d say this, but God bless…

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Full Video: Donald Trump Raucous Rally Erie PA 10/10/18

Trump Rally Erie PA

President Donald Trump held last nights rally at the PA Erie Insurance Arena. In front of a raucous pro-Republican crowd President Trump made the night’s message clear. America is winning and we need you to keep it that way. As Obama former AG Eric Holder told Democrat supporters to “Kick Republicans when they go low!” 😡 Trump boasted about his administration’s accomplishments, urged the crowd…

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Full Video: Donald Trump Rally Rochester MN 10/04/18 Mayo Center

Trump Rally Supporters Outside Mayo Center

Another GREAT KAG2018 Trump Rally in front of a capacity crowd at Mayo Civic Center. President Donald Trump touted his achievement along with Minnesota Republican hopefuls. Trump predicted a “very big surprise” in Minnesota in the midterms. I need your vote. I need your support to stop radical Democrats and to elect proud Minnesota Republicans, the president said. Clearly relishing campaign mode. Electing Democrats, he…

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Donald Trump KAG2018 Landers Center Rally in Southaven MS 10/02/18

Donald Trump KAG2018 Rally in Landers Center

President Donald Trump held another Keep America Great Rally last night at Landers Center Arena. He stuck it to Professor Blasey Ford, mocking her “I don’t remember” testimony against Brett Kavanaugh. Though the president mostly talked about Kavanaugh, he rallied in support of Senate candidate (R-MS) Cindy-Hyde Smith. They’ve been trying to destroy Judge Kavanaugh since the very first second he was announced because they…

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Full Video: Donald Trump High Energy Rally Wheeling WV 09/29/18

Donald Trump Rally 08/29/18 Wheeling WV

President Donald Trump held another of his “High Energy” campaign rallies in Wheeling WV last night. Trump talked about the SHAM Democrats pulled on Brett Cavanaugh and Professor Blasey Ford. He reassured attendees that America would stay strong if we voted Republican in the midterms. Trump endorsed the candidacy of Patrick Morrisey, who is challenging U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat. Donald Trump repeated many…

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Video: Trump Rally In Las Vegas 09/20/18 Supports Judge Kavanaugh

Trump Rally Las Vegas 09.20.18

President Donald J. Trump urged voters to go to the polls to push back against a Democratic “blue wave” in the midterm elections. They know we want the wall, Trump told the raucous crowd at the Las Vegas Convention Center. They want to obstruct it. They want to resist. You know their campaign. They want to resist. Trump added “We don’t want America turning into…

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