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James Comey YOUR FIRED Best Apprentice Episode

James Comey Apprentice Your Fired

Donald Trump just played his best Trump Card of 2017. James Comey.. YOUR FIRED! And it’s about time he fired the weasel. Draining the swamp is a difficult, but seriously needed task. And firing Weasel Comey was a great start.. 🙂 Now lets give the rest of the Rats the Bums Rush. There’s too many leaks of top secret government documents and other info being funneled to the NYT and Others! Here’s why Comey was fired: He hurt the FBI’s…
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Huma Abedin To Testify Against Hillary Clinton In Pay-For-Play Scandal

Huma Abedin To Testify Hillary Clinton

Nine days to go until election day. And the FBI just obtained a search warrant for State Department related HRC Emails on Huma Abedin’s computer. We’re speculating that IF the FBI found incriminating emails between Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton, Abedin may be forced to testify against her long time confidant. Kim Dotcom has been tweeting where ALL of Hillary’s Emails are located within the NSA’s Utah spy cloud. Hillary’s deleted emails are stored at NSA spy cloud in Utah….
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Everything To Know About Hillary Clinton’s Email Server

Hillary Clinton's Email Server

Hillary Clinton’s Email Server. How and why it was created, and the players involved in it’s construction. And it’s scandal and eventual destruction. Last Friday, the FBI released the final batch of what amounted to nearly 250 pages of interview notes and reports collected during the course of its investigation. Agents interviewed officials ranging from former Secretary of State Colin Powell to CIA officers to the IT staffer who first rented a minivan to drive the server from Washington to…
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