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I’m Out Of Facebook Jail Without The 1st Notification

fidosysop out of facebook jail

Since August 21st my FidoSysop Facebook Page new post share notifications were turned off, but Saturday the page came back to life. I had blogged about Beto O’Rourke selling take your AR-15’s away and shared it to Facebook. To my surprise the post was getting comments and likes, that was not possible previously. With no notification I was out of Facebook Jail. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have no idea why i was silently sanctioned to begin with. When posting and commenting to…
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Facebook SWAT Arrests Man Accused Of Posting Conservative Views

facebook swat

As part of a widespread crackdown on unacceptable viewpoints on the social network, Facebook sent out its SWAT teams Monday to arrest local man Ken Rogerson for illegal possession of conservative views, and posting a meme of Hillary’s missing emails. After Facebook took out several well known Trump supporters last week, conservatives thought they were in the clear. But it turns out they were just next on the list. Rogerson’s arrest was part of a broader push against the illegal…
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Facebook Shadowban Patent Granted Silencing Conservatives

facebook shadowban patent

Facebook last month was granted a patent on it’s shadowban technology silencing conservatives and Donald Trump supporters. It’s all out war as Democrats and their media partner allies gang up on Republicans. Dems are fearful of the MAGA movement! ๐Ÿ˜† From James Oโ€™Keefe and Vice Media, ideologically right and left respectively, have reported for some time now that social media companies routinely suppress the content of certain users without their knowledge. Itโ€™s a practice known as shadowbanning and it…
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Message For President Donald Trump From FidoSysop

message for president trump

President Trump, here is my political bias social media story I’m hoping makes it’s way to you. It’s about my FidoSysop Facebook page and what Mark Zuckerberg did to me. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ ๏ปฟ All i was doing was mostly sharing screen-captures of tweets to Facebook. I’m guessing sharing photos with no text descriptions slid right past Facebook filters. This method worked well sharing the MAGA message deep into Facebook. Between July 21 and August 24th my page reached 3.2 Million people….
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Beaten And Bloody Left Behind Enemy Lines With No Allies

fidosysop facebook insights

First it was my FidoSysop Facebook page being shadowbanned, but Mark Zuckerberg was not done with me yet. He flagged this domain as “dangerous content” causing Bing to totally de-index I’m still in Google’s index but not sure for how long. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ It’s a butt hurt of epic proportion! To think that an old retired used car dealer got to the haters this bad makes me chuckle! Butt Hurt liberal haters blew their top! I found out the hard…
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FidoSysop Facebook Page Political Bias Censorship On Steroids

fidosysop facebook page

I’m thinking my FidoSysop Facebook page is being censored! Articles news etc shared was getting many views comments and shares. But last night it all came to a sudden halt. Personally I believe Facebook is squashing messengers voices who support the MAGA movement and efforts to give president Donald J. Trump 4 More Years! ๐Ÿ™‚ This narrated screen video lays out my thoughts on this situation, with a few examples of popular shares. The FidoSysop Facebook page itself contains no…
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Gatekeepers Of The Internet Are Google Facebook & Twitter


The Internet Gatekeepers control our message in cyberspace. We are allowed to co-exist with them (Google Facebook and Twitter) as long as we follow their rules. Some of these rules appear to be made up on the fly to punish conservatives and Donald J. Trump supporters. So we MAGA Team Trump Troopers plug along trying to stay alive! ๐Ÿ˜† Watch this controversial shared post comments disappear under my nose. This particular article was shared with Facebook’s pages app last…
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Facebook 3 Day ‘Pocahontas Fake Indian’ Ban Reversed

facebook 3 day ban

Logged into my Facebook act today to be greeted by a 3 Day Ban Popup, seems Facebook considers posting the truth a violation of their community rules. Coming from a lyin’ fake Indian. You should disappear in disgrace. Yep the Facebook police hate the TRUTH! ๐Ÿ˜ก Update 08/08/19: After appealing this 3 day ban it was decided in my favor. The comment in question must have been maliciously flagged and bot reviewed. This narrated screen video documents the so called…
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Facebook’s Midterm War Room Combats Election Manipulation

War Room

Today’s big news is Facebook WAR ROOM. The war room as it’s called is Facebook’s nerve center to combat election manipulation and fake news. I’m thinking it’s a good idea, but will Facebook be removing conservative and Trump supporters content? NBC Savannah Guthrie was promoting the war room as a measure to prevent Russians from spreading fake news. We know the Clinton’s and DNC invented the Russian story after her stinging loss to Donald Trump! Facebook’s War Room to the…
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Obama The Monkey Is Hate Speech According To Mark Zuckerberg

Obama Monkey T-shirt

Got a Facebook message from Mark Zuckerberg for commenting ‘Obama the Monkey should be put into a Gitmo cage’. Facebook said it was hate speech, and a violation of their made up on the fly community standards toward Trump supporters. It’s Facebook double standard political bias censorship. Calling Zucs leftist Idol Barack Obama a Monkey hurt his little feelings! ๐Ÿ™„ I’m sure Facebook would have given me an ‘atta-boy’ for saying that about Donald Trump! Lets face it – the…
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Facebook Running Damage Control For Michelle Wolf

Liberal Michelle Wolf Bias Against Trump Supporters

Yesterday I shared this article about Michelle Wolf to the Trump Deplorables group. Wolf slammed ABC for ever letting Roseanne Barr reboot her show. Further calling Barr the ‘Lady Hitler Chef.’ The topic was censored then deleted. ๐Ÿ˜ก Comedian Michelle Wolf who trashedย Sarah Huckabee Sanders at the Whitehouse Correspondents Dinner was getting her butt chewed off. Nothing was said that warranted pulling the whole topic. Regardless POOF it was gone. The sad reality is – Facebook being a left-winger social…
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Facebook: Diamond and Silk Unsafe For Our Community

Diamond and Silk with Donald Trump

Mark Zuckerberg pounded another nail in Facebook’s Coffin by Censoring popular Trump Supporters Diamond And Silk. These ladies have the guts to tell it just like it is. But Zuckerberg’s left wing social media site isn’t having it! ๐Ÿ˜ก Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, also known as the Diamond and Silk, noticed their popular Facebook page was losing engagement. So they persistently wrote to and called Facebook to find out why. Finally, they posted on their page this weekend. After…
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Cambridge Analytica Opens Facebook Privacy Can Of Worms

Facebook Facing Scrutiny Cambridge Analytica

Since Cambridge Analytica harvested Facebook members and friends personal information. Where else on the web is your family history floating around? Privacy as we once knew it ended up tossed out the window in the name of profit ๐Ÿ™ Facebook urged it’s members to share their private lives with strangers. Its scary to imagine what could happen to good people if their family history gets in the wrong hands. Cambridge Analytica and your personal info used for political targeting could…
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Facebook Security And Privacy Better Cover Your Butt

Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook is a good place to connect with Family and Trusted Friends. But there is a dark side to the social media site folks should be aware of ๐Ÿ˜ฅ Data Retention: Facebook compiles what’s known as a Dossier on it’s members, that they are very secretive of. It was a security vulnerability that exposed what they were doing behind their members backs. Everything on Facebook is linked to other links, friends, jobs, music, movies, activities, etc. Listing your employment? as…
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Facebook ‘Left Leaning’ Fact Checkers Scrutinize Shared Content

Facebook AP Snopes Fake News

There’s no doubt Facebook is infested with fake news. But contracting with ‘Left Leaning AP and Snopes‘ is inviting more undue censorship in the social network. It’s said to be rolling out today, so we will see how it goes. We use Hootsuite to share articles on both desktop and smartphone app. It’ll be interesting what happens to fake news shared from services / apps. @facebook is working with "fact checkers" – the best people in the world to ensure…
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Election Related Fake News Rules Facebook Groups

Denver Guardian Fake News Published To Facbook

Election Related Fake News. It’s the top talk on the net. Being a Donald J Trump supporter we utilized our Facebook page to help make America Great Again! We blogged many election related articles that were shared to our Facebook page. We also created narrated screen videos that were uploaded and shared with a handful of Donald J Trump related Facebook groups. Donald J Trump promotion related Facebook Groups were humming with activity. Good posts or videos got hundreds of…
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