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Trump Rally Tulsa OK 06/20/20 Instant HD Replay

What a Rally is all i can say. Normally I wait until the next morning to watch president Trump's latest… Read More

4 months ago

Attorney Michael Avenatti Stuck In El Chapo’s Manhattan Jail Cell

Michael Avenatti, the flashy attorney who once represented porn-star Stormy Daniels is in the clink. Avenatti took on Donald Trump… Read More

9 months ago

Electronic Voting Machine Fraud Are Democrats Flipping Republican Votes

Electronic Voting Machine Fraud in Louisiana and Kentucky Election wins could have had help from someone manipulating the numbers. Wherever… Read More

11 months ago

Democrats Lost Voters To Trump Now Trolling Far Left Extremists

Last night it dawned on me that Democrats Lost Voters to Trump. Many union fed democratic voters have woken up… Read More

1 year ago

Facebook Files Motion To Dismiss Laura Loomer Lawsuit

Laura Loomer is suing Facebook for defamation. Facebook’s legal team is citing the First Amendment as a defense for banning… Read More

1 year ago

I’m Out Of Facebook Jail Without The 1st Notification

Since August 21st my FidoSysop Facebook Page new post share notifications were turned off, but Saturday the page came back… Read More

1 year ago

Trump Rally Instant Replay 09/09/19 Fayetteville NC

President Donald Trump held his latest High Energy Rally at the Crown Expo Center in Fayetteville, NC last night. Trump… Read More

1 year ago

Why Forum Discussions Are Best For Political Topics

Forum discussions are the old fashioned best resource for HOT topics that are censored by social media. Political discussions right… Read More

1 year ago

Facebook Shadowban Patent Granted Silencing Conservatives

Facebook last month was granted a patent on it's shadowban technology silencing conservatives and Donald Trump supporters. It's all out… Read More

1 year ago

Message For President Donald Trump From FidoSysop

President Trump, here is my political bias social media story I'm hoping makes it's way to you. It's about my… Read More

1 year ago

Beaten And Bloody Left Behind Enemy Lines With No Allies

First it was my FidoSysop Facebook page being shadowbanned, but Mark Zuckerberg was not done with me yet. He flagged… Read More

1 year ago

FidoSysop Facebook Page Political Bias Censorship On Steroids

I'm thinking my FidoSysop Facebook page is being censored! Articles news etc shared was getting many views comments and shares.… Read More

1 year ago

Geraldo Rivera Defending Employers Hiring Illegals

Geraldo Rivera posted a tweet last week defending corporations hiring illegal immigrants after an ICE raid of Chicken processing plan… Read More

1 year ago

Social Media Censorship & Laura Loomer Congress Run

Democrats must be worried about loosing big in 2020 from what I'm witnessing in social media. The biggest news this… Read More

1 year ago

Facebook 3 Day ‘Pocahontas Fake Indian’ Ban Reversed

Logged into my Facebook act today to be greeted by a 3 Day Ban Popup, seems Facebook considers posting the… Read More

1 year ago

Ban Democrats And Instigating Hate Media Instead Of Guns

Guns Don't Kill People - Bad People With Guns - Kill People. Democrats and their partners in HATE such as… Read More

1 year ago

Alternative Search Engines To Google On The Net

While Google considers themselves the gatekeeper of the internet, there are many alternative search engines available. Some of us already… Read More

1 year ago

Trump Rally Instant HD Replay Cincinnati OH 08/01/19

Instant Replay: Donald Trump High Energy Rally Cincinnati OH, live from the U.S. Bank Arena. Crowds cheered as president Trump… Read More

1 year ago

Primary Democratic Debate Another Detroit Dumpster Fire

Last nights Primary Democratic Debate was a dumpster fire. Bernie Sanders said every credible poll :lol: has him beating Donald… Read More

1 year ago

Al Sharpton Minority Activist Stirring Up Trouble In Baltimore

Anywhere there is racial tension, here comes Reverend Al Sharpton enticing hatred and helping to inflame the situation. So the… Read More

1 year ago