5G China: The War To Dominate Worldwide Communications

5G China War

5G China aggression is dominating the next generation cellular communications technology. Before leaving office, Barack Obama turned the Internet over to the United Nations (UN.) Not many people were concerned back then. But America invented the net, so giving it away was insane. Today war is being waged over who controls next generation cellular network (5G) and China is winning! 🤬 Tucker Carlson on last nights show, was talking about China’s 5G aggression and plans to control this technology worldwide, and so far is winning the war. Considering we communicate…

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Doom And Gloom Waiting To Die Or Possibly Survive CVNID-19 Pandemic

fidosysop on the coronavirus doom and gloom

Doom and Gloom seems to be today’s message on TV. As America begins it’s most deadly coronavirus cvnid-19 week yet I’m ready to live or die. Never even two weeks ago were these thoughts echoing in my mind. Thinking about the love of my life that passed away in December. She was probably lucky our heavenly father took her when he did. She was spared the worrying. I’m hanging out inside my little ole tin can (mobile-home) only going out for groceries. I’ve got several face masks and a box…

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Real Breaking News America Will Never See Because Of Censorship

FidoSysop 2020

Wednesday some lunatic Caltrain engineer tried to take out USNS Mercy by ramming his train into it. There was talk about it on Facebook where an article was found, but otherwise hardly any coverage. Today’s FidoSysop blog post is about censorship and real breaking news the gatekeepers hide from Americans. My narrated screen video lays out allegations of gatekeeper censorship toward us. 😥 Reported by usatoday.com: A California man faces federal charges after officials allege he ran a train “at full speed off the end of rail tracks” near the U.S. Naval Ship…

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Russia President Vladimir Putin Helping America With COVID-19 Aid

russia putin medical supplies america

It’s nice to see Russia helping America fight the worlds invisible enemy covid-19. Vladimir Putin is sending one of his HUGE Antonov An-225 cargo planes packed full of medical supplies. Russiagaters see red over Putin’s planeload of corona-aid for Trump! The Russian Embassy Tuesday posted on its social media channels that “Russia may send a plane with medical equipment and protection gear to the United States already on Tuesday,” citing the Russian news agency TASS. Reuters later reported that Russian state TV was saying the flight had taken off early…

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Social Media Censorship Ramps Up As CoronaVirus Takes Worldwide Toll

social media censorship

Social media censorship is coming down hard on conservatives and Trump Supporters as covid-19 takes it’s toll. The below image was shared to my Facebook page. I thought it was cute. The photo told the truth about Nancy Pelosi and her goons adding pork to America’s stimulus relief package. Reaction to the photo was exceptional as other conservatives chimed in. It should be noted someone else added this photo to their public Facebook profile. A friend had shared it and after seeing it I shared it also. Well i got…

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Suspending Hate Media FCC License Will Stop Hatred Toward America

suspend fcc broadcast license

America is at War with it’s invisible enemy ‘covid-19 aka the CoronaVirus’ yet the usual unsavory dnc media partners are spreading fear and hatred toward our president. Suspending their FCC Broadcast License should do the trick shutting them up. If they won’t play nice pull their plug! In this video: Mark Levin goes off after Chuck Todd asks – yet again – a completely misleading, preposterous question, so much that even Joe Biden says it’s too harsh. Why even ASK a question like that, Chuck? Chuck Todd is a paid…

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China Lied About CoronaVirus And Should Pay Dearly For It

hannity china coronavirus

Communist China – They hid COVID-19 their concocted CoronaVirus, they lied, they still lie and people have died. They should be held liable for the economic damage they’ve done. Senator @HawleyMO talks about his new bill to Investigate The Chinese Communist Government for covering up COVID-19. China cost the world thousands of lives & billions of dollars. Senator Hawley says ought to be on the hook to pay for the economic damage they’ve done. Yet America Hater Nancy Pelosi saw an opportunity to take advantage of Americans suffering. Sean Hannity…

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Here’s Another Example How Donald Trump Loves America

president Trump postcard coronavirus guidelines for america

With the CoronaVirus wreaking havoc on America, president Donald Trump proves once again how much he loves all of us. The postman handed me the below postcard from president Trump today (coronavirus.gov) advising how to protect ourselves from COVID-19 the CoronaVirus. This postcard was sent from the whitehouse and centers for disease control and prevention (CDC.) Tell me one Democrat that would have done this? It’s just yet another example of how president Donald Trump loves America. This Christmas Card is another example of Mr. Trump’s kindness. Though I’m old…

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Help Is Coming For CoronaVirus Victims & Unemployed Workers

Mitch McConnell Stimulus Plan

Mitch McConnell’s CoronaVirus stimulus plan would provide payments for unemployed workers of $1,200 per person, $2,400 for couples. It’s Imperative to get your CoronaVirus News and Vital Information from a credible source. Here is the White House YouTube channel with all of President Donald Trump and VP. Mike Pence announcements. It’s sickening that Scammers are preying on innocent victims of this pandemic! Saying lawmakers “need to take bold and swift action as soon as possible,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday introduced legislation to provide as much as $1,200…

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Was CoronaVirus Created in Wuhan’s top-level Biosafety Lab?

Wuhan Cronavirus Lab

That could be true especially since China opened this biosafety lab in Wuhan back in 2018. Seems striking similar that the epicenter of coronavirus centered around Wuhan where the lab was located! China’s top-level biosafety lab begins work. From ChinaDaily. China has put its first level-four biosafety laboratory into operation, capable of conducting experiments with highly pathogenic microorganisms that can cause fatal diseases, according to the national health authority. With French assistance in laboratory design, biosafety standards establishment and personnel training, construction began in 2011 and lasted for three years.…

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