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Doc is an old pre-windows days bulletin board system operator (SysOp) turned net guru. He specializes in CloudFlare setup. SEO. Social Media. Tweaking and Modding WordPress. General Webmaster Net Help. His advice has always been FREE and still is! Have questions? Contact Doc.

WHM cPanel Acquired By Oakley Capital Raises License Fees

Running WHM / cPanel hosting cloud instance? cPanel has new multi tiered pricing. It's no doubt that cPanel is the… Read More

6 months ago

Content Delivery Network Best For Worldwide Reach

Trying to reach a worldwide audience? A content delivery network (CDN) is he way to go. The whole idea is… Read More

8 months ago

Google Shortening Meta Description Length

Google is reverting back to it's previous shorter meta description length. The latest meta description is said to be reduced… Read More

2 years ago

Hotlinking: Damaging Your Trust Factor & Stealing Resources

Hotlinking is the shady dark-web practice of linking to resources on your server. Scammers are stealing your bandwidth. Even worse… Read More

2 years ago

Visitor Maps Who’s Online WordPress IPV6 Mod

Visitor Maps and Who's Online by Mike Challis is a favorite among WordPress webmasters to display visitors IP addresses and… Read More

2 years ago

Yoast SEO Version 7 Removes Manual Sitemap Toggle

Yoast SEO Version 7 removes manual sitemap toggle. As an advanced WordPress blogger selecting what sitemaps were generated was a… Read More

2 years ago

WHM cPanel Latest Version Update To Current Instructions

WHM cPanel Version 70 is in Current release as of this posting. Version 70's biggest feature is cPhulk country blocking.… Read More

2 years ago

SITE Command Useful To Find Search Indexed URLS

Simple browser tool SITE command checks if your urls are indexed, or in our example are NOT Indexed. This works… Read More

2 years ago

Yoast SEO Premium Plugin ‘View Update Details’ Problem

As a general rule we prefer to preview what's new in WordPress plugin updates. After plopping down $89 for Yoast… Read More

2 years ago

Spammy Markup Google Webmasters Manual Action

Observed a Google Spammy Markup Manual Action in your Webmaster Tools dashboard? If not ya might want to have a… Read More

2 years ago

Send Your WordPress Blog Into Orbit Using KeyCDN

Looking to optimize your WordPress powered Website or Blogs speed and reach? We recently evaluated two CDN Networks, StackPath and… Read More

2 years ago

Google AMP Page Errors Caused By WordPress

If you've noticed your WordPress website AMP Pages are showing critical errors in Google Webmaster Tools don't worry. The AMP… Read More

2 years ago

Full Encryption Done Right Using CloudFlare FREE SSL TLS

These days the best available transport layer security (TLS) can be acquired at no cost. And purchasing a certificate is… Read More

3 years ago

WordPress 4.7.4 ‘Noopener Noreferrer’ Added to target=”_blank” Links

WordPress is adding both 'noopener and noreferrer' tags to external AND internal links opening in a new tab. Essentially anything… Read More

3 years ago

How to Migrate WHM cPanel to Easy Apache 4 and PHP 7

If you're running WHM / cPanel Server chances are your PHP Version is 5.5 or older. Updating to PHP 7… Read More

3 years ago

Facebook Comments Robots Block Impacts Website SEO

Recently we added Facebook Comments to this blog thinking they would improve engagement among site visitors. But a robots.txt block… Read More

3 years ago

AdSense Not Worth Jumping Through Google’s Hoops

AdSense, why it's probably not worth the aggravation of applying and jumping through Google's approval process hoops. Personally speaking the… Read More

3 years ago

Easiest Facebook Comments Without Plugin WordPress Mod

Want to add Facebook Comments to WordPress but don't want to use a plugin? Just add these two code snippets… Read More

3 years ago

WP Fastest Cache Premium Plugin Best Under CloudFlare

We have been running this website under WP Fastest Cache for several months with exceptional results, so we decided to… Read More

3 years ago

Drake Enterprises Cyber Services Attacks

Drake Holdings IP Range AKA AS62540 has been attacking my blogs for months. Drake is attempting to harvest every… Read More

3 years ago