Watch Out For Key Auto Renewal

WordFence API Premium Key Auto Renew Invoice

Just about a year ago i purchased two WordFence Security Premium Keys. WordFence is a decent WordPress Security Plugin that has a few extra perks if you purchase a premium key. I had no plans on renewing my keys. Just figured id let them expire. Well what a shock i got when i received an email from [email protected] telling me they Auto Renewed my keys. Below is that email. From: “Wordfence Billing” <[email protected]> To: <[email protected]> Subject: Your Wordfence keys have been renewed Date: Thursday, August 07, 2014 1:58 PM We…

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Pandora One Internet Radio Review

Pandora One Windows Client

I have been a subscriber to Pandora One for several years and it’s renewal time. And I should also say that i enjoy the service. It works well with Pandora One’s Windows client. “Got what looks like a data dump of unreadable code this morning in a renewal email from Pandora. Well i figured i would go and renew for another year. I log into my Pandora account and were hit with a screen that prompted me to renew at $3.99 Month a $1 monthly saving.” For the past 3…

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GoDaddy Linux Hosting Review

GoDaddy Linux cPanel web hosting is an improvement but still has problems. This review is intended to be a honest and truthful guide for others looking for dependable shared web hosting. There are so many paid reviews on the net it’s hard to know who to trust other than take it for a test drive as i have done. I have been a web-hosting critic in the past due to a poor experience with their service. But I’m always looking for a better web host so i figured why…

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Webmasters Check CloudFlare Free Services Out

CloudFlare Services Can't Be Beat

A fellow webmaster turned me on to CloudFlare. One of my sites is really resource heavy with huge screen captures and videos. After enabling CloudFlare i could see a serious improvement with it’s loading speed. And a test with Pingdom Tools was really impressive after enabling CloudFlare. This particular website is running WordPress with a slew of plugins and sidebar widgets. It’s a serious data hog! To make it short and sweet ~ CloudFlair’s basic service is FREE and that’s me! All you have to do is register your account…

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Media Temple GS Web Hosting Review

Media Temple Grid Hosting Review | Live Support Feature

This is my personal review of Media Temple’s Grid Server Web Hosting. Media Temple offers a service that they call Grid Server Hosting (GS). Which is a different flavor of the commonly known shared hosting. It’s more pricy at $20 Month, but if you buy an annual subscription they give you 2 months free. No matter where you look on the web everyone out there that is selling web hosting boasts they are the best. Unfortunately that is not always true. Reviews can be padded by employees and owners. Reviews…

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Geek Storage Web Hosting Review


This is our experience purchasing web hosting from Geek Storage. Matthew Eli promises hyper-speed web hosting but did not produce it for myself or a partner in this adventure. Their shared hosting is supposed to be top notch. “Web Hosting For Geeks, By Geeks” is supposed to be better than most shared hosts, but what we experienced was not good at all. In my personal opinion, if you have a small website without much traffic, geek storage will probably suffice for your needs. A small company that promises lightning…

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The Best Skype Android Modified App

Skype Android APK App Download

Not happy with your Skype Android App? Here is a great Skype Android MOD that’s loaded up with features. Skype Android has came a long way since it’s first introduction, but is still lacking features lots of android smartphone users want. I have been a Skype subscriber for close to 5 years and have a local phone number. It’s great for doing internet work since i have a headset handy leaving my hands free for the keyboard. When I’m away i use the Skype Android app to make and receive…

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Got The HostGator Migration Blues?

Have You Got The HostGator Migration Blues

Have you got the HostGator Migration Blues? Got this notification recently from my web host HostGator. They were planning on migrating my account to a new server. Hello, Please read this email urgently and in its entirety as it contains very important information regarding your HostGator account on Your account is being upgraded onto brand new, more powerful hardware which will include the latest versions of cPanel and CentOS. We plan to facilitate this upgrade as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Ensuring your total satisfaction with this maintenance is…

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Have You Checked Out RebelMouse Yet? Graphic Social Media Enhancement

RebelMouse is the new Social Media Enhancement Experience on the block I’m really impressed with it so far. Apparently they are pinging domains getting the word out. I noticed a referrer from them in my stats and followed the link back to their website, which is currently in beta. Well i signed up my sites twitter feed and here is the results. This is easily enabled in WordPress with the plugin. It’s as easy as downloading the plugin from within your site’s plugin manager, add new. Of simply download…

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