Parler News Social Media Free Speech Network Review

parler twitter clone

Update 11/14/20: The Parler iPhone app is continuing to work well. However i have to question the 1.2k followers i have. It’s typical when i share a blog post written here to Parler it gets next to no views and no clicks that i can tell. Have to wonder if my 1.2k followers are bots? I’ve deleted my Twatter act and toggled my FidoSysop Farcebook page for it’s 14 day pre-deletion. After the democrats obviously used fraudulent mail in ballots to steal this election from Donald Trump, I’m about done…

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Google Pixel 3 Smartphone Review vs Apple iPhone XR

Google Pixel 3 vs iPhone XR Review

After receiving a new Google Pixel 3 smartphone for Christmas, I’m noticing many similarities between it and the iPhone XR. The Pixel 3’s missed call message is labeled, “this message is for the Apple voicemail system.” Possibly the P3 is manufactured for Google by Apple? Regardless, It’s a sweet smartphone that exceeds my expectations! My story begins with an old slow Samsung Galaxy S5 that had seen it’s better days. I looked around at what was available and decided on the Apple iPhone XR. The purchase at the Apple store…

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UPS Mail Innovations Expedited SLOWEST Shipping

UPS Mail Innovations Expedited

UPS Mail Innovations – I’m wondering who thought this idea up? UPS Mail Innovations is taking 6 Days to deliver an envelope from TN to Florida. Another similar order shipped out of Portland OR took 2 days via USPS Priority Mail! After all these years – UPS still runs the Sloppiest Ship in the Shipping Business. I cringe when purchasing something online if the only shipping option is UPS! From United Parcel Service (UPS) As soon as your customers place their order, they’re ready for it to arrive. Don’t keep…

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Bright House Networks / Spectrum Grandfathered Package

Bright House Networks Spectrum Grandfathered Package

Were you a Bright House Networks subscriber when Spectrum took over? There’s a chance your bill keeps getting higher and higher. Spectrum is sticking it to you using that Grandfathered Package. Here’s how to reduce your Spectrum Bill 😉 I’ve been a bright house networks service subscriber for more years than i can remember. Several years ago Spectrum bought out bright house and our bill skyrocketed. In the beginning Spectrum support said “we do not negotiate pricing” and “if you don’t like it go elsewhere.” Our bill was going up…

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Amazon Prime Membership Is NOT Worth It’s Annual Fee

Amazon Prime Missed Delivery Debacle

I’ve been an Amazon Prime member for several years. But after a second missed delivery debacle I cancelled my prime membership on it’s renewal date. Sure prime has lots of perks, but is it really worth it’s annual fee? FREE Shipping is often as fast or even next day delivery! 😉 Yesterday I Ordered a $99.00 Item and was promised FREE Prime Delivery by 9:00 PM. The order didn’t arrive on time. Amazon’s app showed the driver was a few stops away. At that time it was 8:39 PM and…

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Rock Auto Parts Bad Experience Buying Purolator Fuel Filter

Generic Taiwan Fuel Filter sourced from Rock Auto Parts ordered Purolator

Needing a new fuel filter for an older car i went online to Rock Auto Parts and purchased a Genuine OEM Purolator made in the U.S.A. When the postman delivered the part, it was discovered the filter was a cheap generic pos made in Taiwan, not the Genuine OEM Purolator that was ordered. After contacting support via email i was referred to their web help files, and then to the return web form. The part I received looks like it was made by a different brand or company! Sometimes manufacturers…

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Popular Start Over Feature Removed From Spectrum Cable TV

charter spectrum start over feature removed

Since Bright House Networks merged with Spectrum AKA Charter, we have confirmed their “Start Over” feature has been removed. Start Over is a very popular feature that we use a lot. It’s especially appreciated in the morning if we’re late for the morning news. Just select start over from the menu and walla.. Update 12/13/18: We cut the cable and switched to YouTube TV. See this post for further details. Last week we discovered this feature was not working. The option was available but the feature would not start. Tried…

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T-Mobile Review From 19 Year Current Subscriber

T-Mobile Customer Service Review

I’ve been a T-Mobile Subscriber since 1997 and the Network is nothing but perfect. Rarely in 19 years was there an outage or problems with the network. Unfortunately T-mobiles sales department and 611 phone support is the exact opposite of that great T-mobile network experience. For all those 19 years my T-Mobile bill was paid on time every month, not one day was my payment late. I’ve been lied to twice at our local Clearwater FL T-Mobile store. Now I’m LIED TO Multiple Times By Customer Service! A few days…

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WP Rocket Read Our Horror Story Before Purchasing

WP Rocket Horror Story

Read this WP Rocket WordPress Cashing Plugin Review Before Purchasing. It’s not as described. Even WP Rocket tech support couldn’t get their product to work as advertised. WP Fastest Cache FREE Plugin outperforms WP Rocket! We have been running WP Fastest Cache on this blog for several months. Our theme uses Google fonts that are not optimized. This lowers it’s Page Speed Insites score. WP Rocket claims it optimizes Google fonts but does not. Always looking for more speed, we decided to give WP Rocket a try since it offered…

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Rock Auto Personal Review. All The Parts Your Car Will Ever Need. Great buying experience, easy system to locate and purchase auto parts. However the system is challenging for returns. I have an older Chrysler car – not yet an antique but for sure a collectible. It’s old enough that finding some replacement parts can be challenging. Last summer i stumbled upon and since then have ordered many parts. The price can’t be beat and up until last week i had nothing but praise for the business. An Air…

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Uber App Asks For SS and DL Photo When Requesting Ride

My Uber Ride Share Experience

Yesterday Uber asked for my social security number and drivers licence copy when requesting a ride using Uber’s android app. After putting in my destination and seeing the driver in route i was asked for personally identifiable information. No kidding. As i watched the driver nearing my location with an eta of 3 minutes the app popped up a screen saying something along the line of “to keep Uber safe we require a background check. Please provide your social security number. I’m puzzled as i’m not a frequent Uber rider…

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WP Fastest Cache For WordPress Using CloudFlare

Best WordPress Cache Plugin CloudFlare

WP Fastest Cache is Doc’s recommended plugin for WordPress when using CloudFlare. Despite the increased speed CloudFlare gives your site, WordPress still has to generate each page dynamically. Above average visitor load can cause database connection timeouts. And even get your site shut down if on shared hosting. You can gain a ton more website speed by caching your posts, pages, tags, and categories. When caching your site a generated html page is delivered to your site visitor. This saves WordPress from doing all the work saving bandwidth and server…

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LG Air Conditioner LW2514ER Obsolete In Only 4 Years

Review for LG room air conditoner. Model LW2514ER

LG Room Air Conditioner Personal Review. We bought this room air conditioner in 2014 after our old unit (made in 2006) finally gave up and died. Initially and up until yesterday it was great. Cooling was excellent and it consumed way less power than our old antiquated Frigidaire unit. Earlier in the week we noticed that when the unit shut itself off – it’s compressor continued to run. It has a digital control unit that apparently has went bad. So I’m thinking no big deal – i can fix that…

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CleanTalk The Best Anti-Spam Solution For WordPress

CleanTalk The Best Anti-Spam Solution For WordPress

CleanTalk is the Best WordPress Anti-Spam Bot Solution. Are Bad Bots eating your blogs resources up, and spamming your comments with junk? Akiasmet does a fair job, but does not have a firewall like CleanTalk to block blacklisted IPs before they hit your blog. Doc’s Place BBS has been using this exceptional script for two years now – and it’s fantastic! Plus CleanTalk is Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) compliant. This is a big plus as many WordPress plugins are not currently amp compatible. CleanTalk also supports many other CMS…

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HostGator Web Hosting Sucks

HostGator Web Hosting

HostGator Web Hosting Sucks. It sucked in 2014 when i leased a VPS Server from HostGator and in 2016 it appears nothing has changed. Since we quit offering web services and notified several clients of this, a couple asked who could move their sites and where to get web hosting. Shared hosting can really suck if the wrong host is chosen. Knowing that i decided to have my client purchase a hosting account and i would do the site move for them. Since i have not utilized shared web hosting…

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Windows 10 Professional 64-Bit Upgrade Review

Windows 10 Upgrade Review

Received My FREE Windows 10 Upgrade a few days ago, so here is my review on the upgrade and install process and how it works for me. In a nutshell W10 64-bit Pro upgraded my old Windows 7 Professional 64-bit operating system nearly perfect the 1st time. Like many of you that have been waiting for your reserved upgrade to be downloaded, mine finally came in on August 06 2015. My suggestion is to fully back up your old Windows installation to a USB portable hard drive before beginning the…

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WWE Network Subscription Glitch Loosing Money & Members

wwe network cubscription canceled

Are you are a Current WWE Network Subscriber whose subscription is about to end? WWE Network’s current system forces you to actually loose your service first, before creating another to replace the expiring! Wonder who thought this up? They actually are forcing their members to loose service. Sound’s idiotic to me but a customer service agent confirmed this to be true. This morning i received an email that my current subscription is expiring tomorrow. There was a link to sign into my account. Doing so brought me to a mostly…

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Laza Zcell Samsung Galaxy S5 Extended Battery

laza zcell battery review

Personal Review of Laza Zcell Samsung Galaxy S5 5600mAh Extended Battery purchased on Received this battery late yesterday and charged it to full capacity. I am a heavy net surfer and after about 4 hours of continuous use it was down to 82% charge. Overnight it dropped to 77% while i was sleeping. It has long outlasted my S5 factory battery. Be sure to cycle it as suggested by the seller! I am now in the process of intentionally running it fully down to recharge the 5 times as…

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Review DaisyChain WordPress Responsive Theme

daisychain responsive theme from tt themes

This is my personal review of DaisyChain Premium Responsive Theme for WordPress I started with the freeware version and was impressed right away. After a quick install via WordPress theme repository DaisyChain went live with no errors. My old widgets were saved to an inactive widgets area. Just drug them to DaisyChain’s right sidebar. Next and most important to me was to test the theme for HTML5 compatibility and it passed with flying colors. Next was to test it’s structured data compatibility and that was good too. Then after seeing…

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Best WordPress SEO Plugin By Yoast

yoast wordpress seo

Just a quick plug for Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin I have tried many SEO Plugins for WordPress but Yoast WordPress SEO is without a doubt the best! It’s important if you want to rank well in search indexes. Having the proper meta tags and especially open graph meta for social sharing. Yoast SEO does a fantastic job of managing your Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter meta. It even supports twitter cards. If your using another SEO plugin simply deactivate it and install yoast seo from your blogs add new plugin…

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