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Donald J. Trump

Doc supports the MAGA Movement and thanks Donald J. Trump for making America Great Again. #VoteRepublican Check out our articles or start your own in our public forum.

Get Onboard The TRUMP TRAIN 2020 Or Get Run Over

Are YOU On The TRUMP TRAIN To The Whitehouse

Are YOU Joining Us On The TRUMP TRAIN 2020? We’re “KEEPING AMERICA GREAT” by re-electing Donald J Trump as OUR PRESIDENT Of The United States 2020! 🙂 America is doing GREAT with Donald J. Trump at the helm. As the 2020 elections near it’s imperative we study the candidates thoroughly before going to vote in this important election. Vote OUT America’s Haters! 😡 Sound off in our Politics or MAGA forum. Registration is not required 😉 When Maxine Waters encouraged…
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The Establishments Censorship Of Donald Trump

YouTube Censorship VIA Social Media Manipulation Going After Donald Trump

Was just viewing videos on and one titled ‘Trump: ‘The establishment is foolish’ is showing it is no longer available because the youtube account has been terminated. Further investigation shows this video is embedded from this article on GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump said Thursday that the Republican elite are ignoring the will of the people at their own peril. “The establishment is foolish,” he said on “Fox and Friends.” “These are foolish people. The establishment is against…
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