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Donald J. Trump

Doc supports the MAGA Movement and thanks Donald J. Trump for making America Great Again. #VoteRepublican Check out our articles or start your own in our public forum.

Fox News Is Donald Trump’s Favorite Channel and Should Be Yours Too

Fox News Fox & Friends Morning TV

Fox News is President Donald Trump’s favorite News Channel. That’s because Fox Network skips the Fake News and Abusive Content broadcast by Democrat manipulated networks trying to harm OUR PRESIDENT! I’ve been a faithful NBC news watcher for better than 30 years. Every morning their Today Show was a favorite. But Matt Lauer’s constant Trump bashing during the campaign turned me off. Toss in Lester Holt, and Chuck Todd, and NBC turns into a sewer of democratically manipulated fake news,…
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Donald J. Trump Inauguration Invitation Received Today

Donald J. Trump Inauguration Invitation

Received my Official Donald J. Trump / Mike Pence presidential Inauguration Invitation Today some TWO Months Late! When our postman came today i received this large mailer addressed from the committee for the presidential inauguration. After opening the envelope there were two professionally designed invitation cards inviting me to the inauguration of Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Considering all the stink main stream media stirred up about the event attendance size, I’m wondering if someone delayed the invitations? Update 03/18/2017:…
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Donald J Trump Making America Greater And Stronger Than Ever Before

Making America Great Again

We the American People elected Donald J Trump as OUR President because we’re sick of Democratic Bullshit! Mr. Trump’s message came in loud and clear during last nights speech to America and Joint Congress. Lets all stand tall together under God and pull our resources together to make America greater, safer, and stronger than ever before! We’re going to turn what you see in this video around in record time. As Mr. Trump said last night, dream big. America will…
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President Donald J Trump Address To Congress 02/28/17

Donald J Trump Address To Congress

President Donald Trump delivered his best speech yet to the joint session of Congress Tuesday night. He addressed familiar promises from his campaign and calling for unity to address issues that he says are plaguing the country. Trump’s call for an end to division and trivial fighting comes in the wake of a bruising campaign and a tumultuous start to his presidency. The speech also comes amid a storm of questions about alleged contacts between Trump associates and suspected Russian…
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Donald Trump Presidential Statement Delivered By YouTube

President-elect Donald Trump Statement on YouTube

President-elect Donald J Trump sidelined the media by directly releasing this video statement to America 11/21/16. Mr. Trump offered what he called an update on his transition, which he said was going very smoothly, efficiently and effectively. Considering dishonest liberal media would spin the message around to suite their narrative, this was the perfect way to directly reach out to Americans. A truly smart move on Donald J Trump’s part. The man is brilliant! Whether it’s producing steel, building cars…
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Gold iPhone By Caviar Honors Donald Trump’s Presidency

Caviar Russian Gold iPhone Honors Donald Trump

It’s a fact that Russians Love Donald Trump. Caviar congratulates Donald Trump on his presidential victory and presents him with this Changeover Gold iPhone. Caviar, a brand of luxury Russian smartphones, decided to congratulate Mr. Trump on his victory and included a model with the politician’s portrait to it’s presidential iPhone collection. Caviar has contacted Mr. Trump’s office with a proposal to send the smartphone to America, as a sign of further friendship between the countries. The new model of…
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Are Sore Loser Democrats Paying Gangs To Protest Trump

Gangs of Protesters Label Donald J Trump Racist

Are Sore Loser Democrats paying gangs of people to protest Donald J Trump’s Presidency? We have seen similar rioting at Trump rallies paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Recently Scott Foval and Bob Creamer made the news after undercover video proved without a doubt they were behind paying protesters to incite rioting at Trump rallies. We assume some of these people are being paid to create civil disturbances that have went nationwide after Donald J Trump out-campaigned his Democratic opponent…
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Donald J Trump Becomes Our 45th President Elect

America Turns Red For Donald J Trump

Our 45th President Elect Donald J Trump took America by storm last night literally slaughtering his opponent Senator Hillary Clinton. America has spoken. No longer will Government corruption be tolerated. No longer will our Veterans be tossed aside like forgotten trash. Law and Order will be restored. I have had many achievements in life but none more satisfying than helping @realDonaldTrump become the 45th President of the United States. — David A. Clarke, Jr. (@SheriffClarke) November 9, 2016 We…
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Donald J Trump Policy Contract For The American Voter

Donald J Trump Voter Policy Statement

Donald J. Trump presents his game-changing presidential plan for his first 100 days in office. This revolutionary Contract with the American Voter will ensure that America’s economy is revitalized and citizens are protected. I’m not a politician, and have never wanted to be one. But when I saw the trouble our country was in, I knew I couldn’t stand by and watch any longer. Our country has been so good to me, I love our country, I felt I had…
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Donald J Trump Won The Final Presidential Debate

Final Presidental Debate

Donald J Trump clearly was the winner of last nights presidential debate. Hillary Clinton as usual did not add anything to benefit her campaign. Trump did mention Clinton’s Wikileaks accusations, but fell short of revealing her campaigns Project Veritas Election Fraud Findings. Sheriff David Clarke added: “She’s an empty pantsuit. They just plug her in and all she did in all three debates was throw out the talking points no matter what the question was.” Chicago has 1,000 more shooting…
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The Election Is Over – Donald J Trump WON

Bill Clinton Priceless Look

The Election Is Over – Donald J Trump Won. Despite liberal media and the Clinton campaign’s smear tactics. Donald J Trump is the election winner. It’s a fact that Rats are the first to abandon what they think is a sinking ship, and the GOP Rats are no different. So many Republicans quickly abandoned their leader when NBC News dug down deep into its bowels and released that secretly recorded sex tape between Billy Bush and Donald Trump. After realizing…
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Donald Trump’s Custom Boeing 757 Jetliner

Trump Boeing 757 Jetliner

We have all seen Donald Trump’s Boeing 757 Jetliner on TV and maybe at a Trump Rally. If you ever wanted to take a closer look Doc’s got ya covered. Trump’s Boeing 757 jet, often referred to as Trump Force One, has received the full rich-and-famous lifestyle treatment; The Washington Post even queried whether it was better than Air Force One. The Boeing 757, built in 1991 to seat roughly 200 people, is Mr. Trump’s favorite flying toy. The jet,…
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Video: Donald Trump Republican Nominee Acceptance Speech Full

Trump Nomination Speech

Full Video of Donald Trump accepting his Republican Party Nomination at the Republican National Convention. Trump light up the night with this powerful must hear speech. Donald Trump painted a portrait of a lawless, terrorized nation as he accepted the Republican presidential nomination in Cleveland OH Thursday night, delivering a sweeping indictment of a feckless political and corporate class that he argued was thrusting the United States into decline. Declaring that he alone has the leadership strength to secure the…
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Trump Endorsed by West Virginia Coal Miners Association

Trump Endorsed by West Virginia Coal Miners Association

Donald Trump Endorsed by West Virginia Coal Miners Association in Charleston, WV. Another great endorsement for our fearless leader. Mr. Trump is gearing up to battle crooked Hillary Clinton in November. The membership of the West Virginia Coal Association today announced it is endorsing Donald Trump, Republican of New York, for the office of president of the United States in this year’s election.  The unanimous decision was made at a membership meeting in Charleston earlier today. “Donald Trump has been firm…
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Donald Trump: It Was Like I Was Crossing The Border!

Crossing The Border

Protesters broke through barriers at this GOP State Convention in Burlingame CA. Trump was forced to make an off the beaten path entrance he referred to as “crossing the border” when protesters blocked the main entrance. Coverage of the protests captured Trump and his security detail traversing unkempt terrain in order to enter the venue without confrontation. “We went under a fence and through a fence,” Trump added. “Oh boy, it felt like I was crossing the border, actually. I…
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The Stop Trump Movement Is Dead

The STOP TRUMP Movement Is Dead!

The Stop Donald Trump Movement Is DEAD! Trump Swept 5 States, Pennsylvania, Maryland and other Eastern states, piling up enough delegates to self declare himself the parties nominee. Mr. Trump had the more convincing performance on Tuesday: He swept all five primaries, winning landslides of more than 30 percentage points over his rivals, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and Gov. John Kasich of Ohio. His routs represented a breakthrough: He received more than half the vote in every state, after…
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Get Onboard The TRUMP TRAIN 2020 Or Get Run Over

Are YOU On The TRUMP TRAIN To The Whitehouse

Are YOU Joining Us On The TRUMP TRAIN 2020? We’re “KEEPING AMERICA GREAT” by re-electing Donald J Trump as OUR PRESIDENT Of The United States 2020! 🙂 America is doing GREAT with Donald J. Trump at the helm. As the 2020 elections near it’s imperative we study the candidates thoroughly before going to vote in this important election. Vote OUT America’s Haters! 😡 Sound off in our Politics or MAGA forum. Registration is not required 😉 When Maxine Waters encouraged…
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The Establishments Censorship Of Donald Trump

YouTube Censorship VIA Social Media Manipulation Going After Donald Trump

Was just viewing videos on and one titled ‘Trump: ‘The establishment is foolish’ is showing it is no longer available because the youtube account has been terminated. Further investigation shows this video is embedded from this article on GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump said Thursday that the Republican elite are ignoring the will of the people at their own peril. “The establishment is foolish,” he said on “Fox and Friends.” “These are foolish people. The establishment is against…
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