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Southern Poverty Law Center Trusted Flaggers Untrustworthy

YouTube Trusted Flaggers Censorship On Steroids

YouTube is Aggressively Attacking Conservatives with help from left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC.) This is wreaking havoc on Donald J Trump supporters by striking and suspending popular right-wing vlogger channels. 😡 YouTube has been said to hire add some 10,000 new volunteer video monitors to their Heroes Trusted Flagger program. It’s unclear when the SPLC joined YouTube’s “Trusted Flaggers” program. The program goes back to 2012 but exploded in size in recent years amid a Google push to increase…
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Vladimir Putin Tired Of Liberals & Media Blaming Russia

Vladimir Putin Mad At CNN

Looks like Russian President Vladimir Putin is sick of American DemocRats and the liberal media they feed. Can’t say i blame the man. Trump should lock Crooked Hillary and her cronies up so they stop pointing the finger at Russia! 😡 It don’t take a college education or other fancy degree to realize America should be an Ally with Russia. The bullshit in Washington needs to stop before a tragedy happens. From TBT: During his annual state of Russia speech,…
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Trump: Teachers With Guns Deter Coward Shooters

Donald Trump Speech At CPAC 2018

Once again Donald J Trump our POTUS45 shines as bright as the north star. Yesterday during his fantastic speech at CPAC 2018 he said: Guns in schools would deter ‘cowards’ from attacking. Yes once again Trump is right – No Gun Zones are a magnet to wackos like Nikolas Cruz! Trump reaffirmed support for arming school personnel. He said his administration is open to hearing ideas on how to improve security at schools, tackle the issue of mental health and…
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Vote Republican Across The Board In November 2018

Making American Great Again by Vote Republican

Are you happy with the job Donald J Trump is doing as our president? Sick of Democrat losers like Nancy ‘crumbs’ Pelosi and Chuck ‘tears’ Schumer? Democrats are out of touch with working class America! They’re nothing but a clog in the drain! Vote Republican across the board in November 2018! 😉 There’s so much leftist bullshit going on that needs to stop. Getting rid of loser DemocRats will starve the disruptive media their feeding off! CNN used to be…
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Video By FL Shooting Survivor David Hogg Censored

David Hogg Falsely Labeled Crisis Actor by YouTube Trolls

A hacked cyberbullying video featuring Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg wound up trending on YouTube today. The offensive video was from CBS News interview with Hogg in 2017 and altered to label him a Crisis Actor. Once again YouTube has egg on their face. The video hosting site owned by Google is an unregulated playpen for both children and adults. Offensive videos can be flagged and flagged but are never removed. Is YT staff overwhelmed with complaints? 😡 Apparently…
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Merry Christmas America From Donald J Trump

Merry Christmas From Donald J Trump - Tax Reform Passed

Our president Donald J Trump signed into law America’s Tax Reform that promotes business growth, and puts more money in American workers pockets! It’s indeed a very Merry Christmas for America! Unfortunately there are those Democrats who hate it. Chuck ‘tears’ Schumer had a conniption fit over it. If you’re a Democrat, maybe consider abandoning your party and getting aboard the Trump Train! 😉 Donald J Trump has done more for America in 9 Months, that Barack Obama did in…
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Crooked Hillary Busted Uranium One & Trump Dossier

Hillary Clinton Busted For Russian Connection

But that’s NOT what Liberal News is reporting this morning. NBC Today show proudly reported “CNN Says” there will be charges in the Trump investigation filed on Monday. It’s Such FAKE News that NBC decided to pin the tail on CNN! 😆 Friends, this is nothing but a Smoke Screen Robert Mueller is attempting to blow up America’s ASS! We all know Crooked Hillary and Barack Obama and Uranium ONE are the REAL Russian Connection and are hiding behind Robert…
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Maxine Waters Threatens Donald Trump Lock Her Up

Rep. Maxine Waters Threatens POTUS

Crazy as a rabid bat, Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters, recently told a New York audience that she will “take out” president Donald Trump. Wow, what a moving evening this is, Waters is heard saying in the video of an Oct. 13 event at the Ali Forney Center in New York City. “I’m sitting here listening, watching, absorbing, thinking about Ali even though I never met him. And with this kind of inspiration, I will go and take Trump out tonight,”…
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CBS Hayley Geftman-Gold FIRED For Vegas Remark

CBS Hayley Geftman-Gold FIRED

CBS Vice President Hayley Geftman-Gold was FIRED for her demeaning Facebook post aimed at victims of today’s Las Vegas shooting massacre. Geftman-Gold posted on her Facebook page that she had no sympathy for the victims, who were attending a country music festival Sunday on the Las Vegas Strip. “If they wouldn’t do anything when children were murdered I have no hope that Repugs [sic] will ever do the right thing,” wrote Geftman-Gold, vice president and senior counsel of strategic transactions. “I’m…
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Carmen Yulin Slams Donald J Trump But Don’t Mention Union Strike

Corrupt Mayor Carmen Yulin attacks Donald J Trump

San Juan Puerto Rico Mayor Carmen Yulin went on this media attack slamming Donald J Trump over the islands aid situation. However mayor Yulin fails to mention over 10,000 containers sitting in port because of corruption! 😡 President Trump has done an excellent job getting much needed aid to hurricane Maria disaster stricken United States Territory. Trump also waived the merchant marine act of 1920 AKA the Jones Act freezing shipping restrictions to Puerto Rico. Several reputable blogs are reporting that…
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NASCAR Drivers Proudly STAND For National Anthem

Nascar Richard Petty Agrees With POTUS

During the national anthem at NASCAR Cup Series car race in Loudon, New Hampshire nobody protested. Unlike the NFL, Nascar is a professional sport unaffected by politics. Hall of Fame driver Richard Petty wants it to stay that way! Richard Childress team owner of drivers Ryan Newman, Austin Dillon and Paul Menard and longtime car owner of Dale Earnhardt, said any protest of the anthem will “get you a ride on a Greyhound bus.” “Anybody that works for me should…
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Matt Lauer’s Attempted Hit Job On Bill O’Reilly Failed Miserably

Bill O'Reilly Interview Matt Lauer 09/19/17

Bill O’Reilly was interviewed this morning on the Today Show by Matt Lauer. O’Reilly told of the hit job that targeted Fox News and his advertisers. He also mentioned Media Matters pac and others that was behind the Fox New hit job that left him unemployed. Lauer tried desperately to spin O’Reilly’s words but failed miserably! It’s really quite simple. The left is doing anything in their power to disrupt the right. Crooked Hillary is a sore loser because she…
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Donald J Trump A President We Can Depend On If Irma Comes Knocking

Hurricane Irma Storm Track 09/06/17

Watching the advisories about hurricane Irma that might hit Florida this weekend. It’s comforting to know Donald J Trump is ready to send government help! I sat and watched his responses when hurricane Harvey devastated Texas. We couldn’t ask for better coordination from government agency’s from Donald J Trump coordinating with FEMA and Texas officials. So as Hurricane Irma takes aim at Florida he reassures us through Twitter that he’s on the job assisting Florida governor Rick Scott declaring Florida…
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Donald Trump Ready To Annihilate North Korea Dictator Kim Jong-un

Donald Trump Ready To Annihilate North Korea

Donald Trump has put up with North Korea Dictator Kim Jong-un’s threats for far too long. North Korea will be met with ‘fire and fury like the world has never seen’ if it escalates nuclear threat. America will not be bullied by Kim Jong-un! 😉 US intelligence reports indicate North Korea produced a nuclear warhead small enough to fit on an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). In a press conference at his Bedminster, New Jersey property. Mr Trump warned that North…
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CNN Beaten And Bloodied Threatens Trump MEME Creator

Trump Tweets Anger CNN

Once upon a time CNN was on top of the world. The once trusted cable news network has been flushed down the corporate toilet again. Folks no longer believe the fake news they spin. They prove their ignorance day after day! 😆 Recently CNN drove another nail in their coffin by threatening a Donald Trump wrestling video creator who was a Reditt community member. #FraudNewsCNN #FNN — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 2, 2017 Naturally the Twitterspere exploded. Twitter…
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Twitter Verified Troll Accounts Attacking Donald Trump’s Tweets

Donald Trump Twitter Attacked By Verified Troll Bots

Ever notice the hateful replies to Donald Trump’s Tweets? On most Tweets our president sends, almost immediately a bunch of multiple hateful replies are entered. Most of those reply’s are wearing Twitter’s ID Verification logo 😆 Are those ID Verified Twitter accounts John Dorsey’s private anti-trump army? For Example view the replies to these Tweets by clicking the tweet body: From my first day in office, we’ve taken swift action to lift the crushing restrictions on American energy. Remarks:…
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Kathy Griffin Flip Flops On Trump Apology Hires Lisa Bloom

Kathy Griffin and Lisa Bloom Hold Press Conference

Kathy Griffin aired a bloody resemblance of Donald Trumps head and social media went after her head. When the heat got so hot she couldn’t stand it, she aired an apology video. Obviously she liked the abuse she received and then hired high profile attorney Lisa Bloom to add more gasoline to the already sizzling hot fire. There’s a bunch of old white guys trying to silence me! Kathy Griffin breaks down in tears claiming Trump family ruined her life…
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Mark Zuckerberg Says FREE Money During Harvard Speech

Mark Zuckerberg Money For Nothing Speech Harvard

Mark Zuckerberg thinks the Government should consider giving everyone free universal basic income. This would be a flat salary, regardless of employment, wealth, or need. What has Zuckerberg been smoking? That’s the liberal way of thinking. One reason our country is in such a horrible mess today. Zuck, don’t even think that will happen any time soon. Donald Trump is busy working his tail off making America Great Again. Americans are already getting much needed Jobs thanks to Donald Trump….
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James Comey YOUR FIRED Best Apprentice Episode

James Comey Apprentice Your Fired

Donald Trump just played his best Trump Card of 2017. James Comey.. YOUR FIRED! And it’s about time he fired the weasel. Draining the swamp is a difficult, but seriously needed task. And firing Weasel Comey was a great start.. 🙂 Now lets give the rest of the Rats the Bums Rush. There’s too many leaks of top secret government documents and other info being funneled to the NYT and Others! Here’s why Comey was fired: He hurt the FBI’s…
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Law & Order SVU Depicts InfoWars Alex Jones In PizzaGate Spinoff

PizzaGate Alive And Well As Real Fake News

NBC Law and Order Special Victims Unit (SVU) aired Season 18, Episode 17, titled Real Fake News. The story-line broadcast Wednesday night, features a PizzaGate-based conspiracy theory website. This SVU episode appears to be directed at InfoWars publisher Alex Jones a Donald Trump supporter. #PizzaGate was sizzling hot back during the presidential election with the popular hashtag trending on Twitter. Alex Jones was one of many publishers that ran with the story, back then. So here we are with Donald…
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