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Donald J. Trump Rally Electrifying Video Tampa 07/31/18

Donald Trump Rally Tampa FL 07/31/18

Video of President Donald J. Trump Rally at Tampa Fairgrounds Expo Hall, 07/31/18. The chants of “build the wall” and “CNN Sucks” began long before President Trump entered the building. Everyone had a great time! 🙂 With two hours to go until President Donald Trump was to speak at a rally Tuesday, the atmosphere kicked into gear at the Florida State Fairgrounds’ Expo Hall. Smaller groups of people ignited cheers around the 8,000-seat hall by holding up “blacks for Trump”…
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Edward Snowden CIA Prism Xkeyscore Spying and Facebook

NSA CIA Headquarters

Edward Snowden exposed the CIA’s Spying on Americans by leaking it’s Prism data. Today with the NSA’s massive Spy Cloud in Utah sucking in data like a huge vacuum cleaner. What part is Facebook playing in today’s spying? The NSA Spy Cloud is a huge complex called the Utah Data Center, code-named Bumblehive. It’s like a huge vacuum cleaner sucking in data from everywhere. It is designed to support the Intelligence Community’s efforts to monitor, strengthen and protect the nation….
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Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Destroyed

Donald Trump’s Star Hollywood Walk Of Fame

The HATE toward our 45th President Donald J. Trump is out of control. Today someone destroyed his star on Hollywood’s walk of fame with a pick axe. KUTV’s Ron Bird tweeted a video from the scene showing the completely broken up the slab, which celebrated Trump’s work on The Apprentice. A picture tweeted by KPIX shows the broken star with a dropped pick-axe next to it. Another sent by by a KTLA journalist showed the star fully obliterated. BREAKING! President…
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As Midterm Elections Near Censorship Rapidly Increases

Midterm Elections Near Censorship Increases

As midterm elections quickly approach big tech censorship is rapidly increasing. God help those who are conservative and Donald Trump supporters getting their word out in cyberspace. Big Tech is on a conservative witch hunt! 😡 Yesterday an email from Google Plus notified me that my posted content violated their community standards. OK but they didn’t say what it was. Lets see here. I have 1 Google account for close to a decade. 1 Google+ personal profile and 1 Google+…
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Democratic Party Educating American Voters

Maxine Waters Educating American Voters

The Democratic Party is doing a great job Educating American Voters on who they are. And especially what they stand for. With the midterm election coming up soon It’s Imperative to study the players before heading to the polls! 😉 There are some rotten apples in the bushel spoiling the good ones. America has seen a fantastic turn around since Donald Trump took office. I’m famous for saying Vote Republican but unfortunately some Republicans are worthless too. In all honesty…
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Obama The Monkey Is Hate Speech According To Mark Zuckerberg

Obama Monkey T-shirt

Got a Facebook message from Mark Zuckerberg for commenting ‘Obama the Monkey should be put into a Gitmo cage’. Facebook said it was hate speech, and a violation of their made up on the fly community standards toward Trump supporters. It’s Facebook double standard political bias censorship. Calling Zucs leftist Idol Barack Obama a Monkey hurt his little feelings! 🙄 I’m sure Facebook would have given me an ‘atta-boy’ for saying that about Donald Trump! Lets face it – the…
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Facebook Running Damage Control For Michelle Wolf

Liberal Michelle Wolf Bias Against Trump Supporters

Yesterday I shared this article about Michelle Wolf to the Trump Deplorables group. Wolf slammed ABC for ever letting Roseanne Barr reboot her show. Further calling Barr the ‘Lady Hitler Chef.’ The topic was censored then deleted. 😡 Comedian Michelle Wolf who trashed Sarah Huckabee Sanders at the Whitehouse Correspondents Dinner was getting her butt chewed off. Nothing was said that warranted pulling the whole topic. Regardless POOF it was gone. The sad reality is – Facebook being a left-winger social…
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Will Strip Clubs Employing Stormy Daniels Be Audited

IRS To Audit Stormy Daniels Strip Clubs

Yesterday it was revealed Stormy Daniels attorney defaulted on a huge IRS payment. According to this-article Michael Avenatti’s law-firm withheld $1.3 MILLION in payroll taxes from employees then failed to pay the IRS. Ouch! So the question remains, who is funding his legal battle with President Donald Trump? Stormy Daniels surly cant afford to fund a lawsuit of this size. Maybe Avenatti took Daniels case on contingency. Maybe the crap he stirred up was hoped to be a big payoff…
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Is Barack Obama Still Commander and Chief?

Rod Rosenstein Deputy AG

Just woke up from my afternoon nap. Had a nightmare that Barack Obama was still commander and chief. Luckily it was just a dream. BUT Obama’s holdovers and never Trumper’s are running the FBI and DOJ! It’s time for President Donald Trump to GROW A PAIR and Clean House! WTF is going on in our Federal Government? Rod Rosenstein needs to be shown the door. And i and hope it slams him in the ass on his way out! And…
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Facebook: Diamond and Silk Unsafe For Our Community

Diamond and Silk with Donald Trump

Mark Zuckerberg pounded another nail in Facebook’s Coffin by Censoring popular Trump Supporters Diamond And Silk. These ladies have the guts to tell it just like it is. But Zuckerberg’s left wing social media site isn’t having it! 😡 Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, also known as the Diamond and Silk, noticed their popular Facebook page was losing engagement. So they persistently wrote to and called Facebook to find out why. Finally, they posted on their page this weekend. After…
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Nasim Aghdam Vlogger Suicide @ YouTube Headquarters

Gun Violence At YouTube Headuarters CA

It finally happened. YouTube Creator / Publisher Nasim Aghdam, entered YouTube headquarters with a handgun. She shot and injured 3 Google employees, then fatally shot herself in the chest. Aghdam was upset over YouTube / Google censoring her videos and cheating her out of rightfully earned Adsense revenue. With some of their policies it’s a wonder gun violence hasn’t occurred sooner. Actually it’s a Big Tech problem at silicone valley how companies are generating revenue. YouTube censors creators. Especially if…
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David Hogg MFOL Activist Rejected By 4 Colleges

March For Our Lives Rally DC David Hogg

David Hogg’s stance toward gun control is taking it’s toll on his future education. So far he has been rejected by four University of California campuses – UCLA, UCSD, UCSB and UC Irvine. Possibly viewed as a trouble maker by deans 😥 Hogg says fellow student activist Ryan Deitsch also got rejected from the University of California system. Emma Gonzalez will be going to New College of Florida. Organizers of the “Student March For Our Lives” (MFOL) rally in Washington…
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Shakedown Of Donald J Trump By CBS 60 Minutes

Stormy Daniels CBS Interview

CBS 60 Minutes trashed their reputation by helping Stormy Daniels shakedown President Donald Trump with Anderson Cooper’s help. Tabloid Trash on CBS News! Stormy Daniels, real name Stephanie Gregory Clifford is a Porn Movie Star looking for notoriety. Sort of like David Hogg targeting the NRA with CNN’s help. Sounds like a tabloid fodder style shake down for a big score. Wonder if she paid Income Tax on the hush money she received in 2016? Remember the feds busted Al Capone…
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David Hogg Filmmaker Becomes Teenage Third Reich Activist

David Hogg MFOL Speech Salute

David Hogg is rising to new power as an activist. During his speech at March For Our Lives Rally he raised his right hand like a Nazi Third Reich salute and said. We will get rid of public servants who only serve the gun lobby, attacking the NRA! Hogg rose to stardom from this Redondo Beach CA confrontation video between a surfer and lifeguard. CBS news picked up the story and ran with it. After the parkland shooting YouTube began…
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Donald Trump Was Right About Good Guys With Gun’s

Great Mills High School Gun

After the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida Donald Trump said. It takes a Good guy with a gun to stop a Bad guy with a gun. Liberals viciously attacked our president saying Gun Control is the answer. Another school shooting happened today at Great Mills High School in Maryland. Thankfully a school resource officer (SRO) took out a student who shot two of his classmates. Once again, Donald Trump was right! 😉 From Fox News. The…
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Cambridge Analytica Opens Facebook Privacy Can Of Worms

Facebook Facing Scrutiny Cambridge Analytica

Since Cambridge Analytica harvested Facebook members and friends personal information. Where else on the web is your family history floating around? Privacy as we once knew it ended up tossed out the window in the name of profit 🙁 Facebook urged it’s members to share their private lives with strangers. Its scary to imagine what could happen to good people if their family history gets in the wrong hands. Cambridge Analytica and your personal info used for political targeting could…
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Danney Williams Bill Clinton’s Son Skype Interview 2018

Danney Williams Bill Clinton 2018

Danney Williams claims that his prostitute mother met Bill Clinton when she was working the streets of Little Rock, Arkansas. He claims she told him they had sex 13 times back in the late 80’s. Could this be true? With Ole “Bubba” it’s possible! Danney Williams, 30, uploaded this video to YouTube in which he says he regularly tells his children that Bill Clinton is his father.  Recently he told his kids that their grandfather was the president of…
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Is Robert Mueller Working a Reverse Sting On Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump Robert Mueller Sting

Could ole Robert Mueller be working with Donald Trump to sting crooked Hillary Clinton and corrupt Barack Obama, and his Deep State? This sounds crazy, but all the dirt Mueller has dug up so far has been on Clinton and her cronies. 😆 In a recent Skype call Bill Mitchell and Alex Jones (InfoWars) discussed this very possibility. As Mitchell said, this is Robert Mueller’s last rodeo. It’s his last chance to gain world wide respect and credibility bringing down…
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Big Tech Squashing Trump & Conservative Voices

Big Tech Censoring Conservatives

Brad Parscale, campaign manager for Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection bid, fired a tweet across big tech’s bow. Parscale warned Google, Facebook, and Twitter to maintain a “level playing field,” following a month of high-profile bias at big tech. Twitter executive Carlos Monje fibbed to Senator Ted Cruz in this video saying Twitter does not ShadowBan. FidoSysop’s Twitter act is proof Monje’s statement is not true. Twitter does ShadowBan conservative and Donald Trump supporters! 🙁 Hey @facebook @Twitter @Google we are…
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There’s Nothing Rougher Than A Thailand Jail Cell

Anastasia Vashukevich AKA Nastya Rybka Russian Sex Instructor

Russian Sex Goddess Nastya Rybka is asking for US help to escape a Thailand jail in exchange for information on alleged links between US President Donald Trump and Russia, according to her Instagram video taken while in route to a Thailand Jail. Leave it to CNN who actually sent a reporter to Bangkok Thailand who interviewed Nastya Rybka from her jail cell. So the story goes Rybka has alleged proof of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. 😆 So the old…
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