Florida Specific Politics

Great Election Night For FL Republicans Rick Scott & Ron DeSantis

Current FL Governor Rick Scott won the states Republican Senate Primary Election last night. Ron DeSantis with his full endorsement… Read More

1 year ago

7 Days To FL Primary & Bill Nelson Still Playing Russia Card

What is it about Democrats and Russia? It's 7 days until Florida's primary election and Bill Nelson is still playing… Read More

1 year ago

Russia Did NOT Hack FL Election DB, Bill Nelson Is Lyin

Why did Sen. Bill Nelson (D), FL Lie about Russia Hacking Florida election databases? Maybe he was desperate. Maybe he… Read More

1 year ago

Broward Elections Sup Brenda Snipes Can’t Be Trusted

Broward Elections chief Brenda Snipes may try cheating again during this years midterm election. Snipes got in trouble filling out… Read More

1 year ago

Bill Nelson Apparently LIED About Florida Russian Hacking

Sen. Bill Nelson used a 'Russia Card' out of the Democratic playbook to Intimidate Florida voters. Under fire from Republican… Read More

1 year ago

Bill Nelson: Russians “Penetrating” FL Election Systems

Democratic Florida State Senator Bill Nelson claims Russian hackers have penetrated some state election systems. Using Fear Mongering tactics on… Read More

1 year ago

Donald J Trump A President We Can Depend On If Irma Comes Knocking

Watching the advisories about hurricane Irma that might hit Florida this weekend. It's comforting to know Donald J Trump is… Read More

2 years ago

Brenda Snipes Election Fraud Broward FL. Cheating Has Begun 2018

Allegations of Democratic Election Fraud by Broward County Florida, Superintendent Of Elections, Brenda Snipes. Poll workers in a closed off… Read More

3 years ago