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Best Auto Dealer Website Inventory Manager

Need Dealer Support Call Doc

Lets face it, there are a lot of Auto Dealer Website and Inventory Management solutions available. Everyone claims their company provides the best dealer website and inventory management services, but lots of them simply can’t produce what they promised their client. And just because a sites web pages might look good to the dealer that just signed up for service, that don’t necessarily mean they look good to Google and Bing web search crawlers which is most important! If you…
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Costa Concordia Salvage Operation Update

costa concordia slowly turning upright

I see the Costa Concordia Parbuckling operation is proceeding and so far looks to be working. A complex system of pulleys and counterweights successfully dislodged the capsized Costa Concordia from its rocky seabed perch on a Tuscan reef at Giglio Island. An anxiously awaited operation of a kind that has never been attempted on such a huge vessel. Engineers said they’d succeeded in detaching the 952 foot-long vessel from the reef on which it was resting and the operation was…
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Sell More Cars Online Using Fast Paced Auto Dealer Internet Technology

Car Dealers In The Internet Age

Times have changed drastically for Auto Dealers in the past decade. Car business is quickly changing and smart dealers are embracing Internet tech to score more leads. Are you keeping up with changing technology that effects your bottom line? Auto dealers are notoriously late adopters of new tech. In our current state of rapid technological advancement more and more dealerships are closing their doors forever. Don’t let that happen to your dealership! Are you are a small independent auto dealer…
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Tampa Bay Auto Fair Collector Car Show 2000

auto fair photo 3

Auto Fair 2000 At Tampa Fairgrounds Starring “The Mayor” Joe Perrin! Hello, my name is Joe Perrin. I am also called the “Mayor.” Its my job to keep the rest of this bunch in order. We had a great time.. Lots of Cars, Women & Booze! And of course we all have hangovers and Sunburns! Whatever happened to the good old days? Joe Perrin passed away in 2014. May god bless him. I’m sure he is having a blast in…
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