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Doc’s Place BBS Online Fidonet Since 1991

Fidonet Internet BBS Screen Capture Sysops View

Celebrating over TWO Decades Of Fidonet Bulletin Board System Access! Back before the Internet was available to the general public there were computer bulletin board systems (BBS.) To access a BBS callers used a modem and terminal program to dial up and exchange messages. Doc’s hobby for the last 26 years had been computing and communicating online. He started Doc’s Place BBS Online as a community bulletin board system providing auto repair advice to consumers in 1991. Click the Wildcat…
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Fixing Broken Structured Data Elements In Artisteer Themes

Artisteer Structional Data Errors Fix

Are you using an Artisteer 4.2 generated theme with WordPress and experiencing Google Webmaster Tools structured data Hentry or Hcard errors? If so here is the quick easy fix for ya.. 😉 There are several articles dealing with structured data errors on the net, but none were written specifically for Artisteer which has a different file structure. So since i have been battling this problem for probably three months or better I decided to lay this out for any others…
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Got A WebStore? How To Automate Social Inventory Sharing

Automate Your WebStore Social Sharing

Chances are if your an Internet Merchant you are selling on a WebStore. If so here is a FREE trick to automate sharing all your store inventory on the social web. Most everyone is familiar with Twitter Facebook and Google Plus social networks. But have you heard of RSS before? If not RSS can be used to connect your WebStore to the social web. From WikiPedia: RSS (Rich Site Summary); originally RDF Site Summary; often dubbed Really Simple Syndication, uses…
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WordPress Structured Data Hatom Errors

WordPress Hatom Errors

I’m running several WordPress blogs with Authorship setup on them and are stumped on why Google Webmaster Tools is loaded up with structured data errors. I am using Artisteer 4.2.0 Standard Edition to generate my WordPress themes. Artisteer support did come up with a fix for there themes and using a static home landing page. Please try changing the following files: 1. in libraries/wrappers.php echo ‘<‘.$heading.’>’.$title.'</’.$heading.’>’; 2. The “author” class, as well as the “vcard” element with a “url fn…
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Media Temple (MT) Acquired By

media temple acquired by

Media Temple (MT) recently bought by GoDaddy has long been known as the Shit Merchant of web hosting services. Any serious webmaster avoids GoDaddy like the plague for web hosting. But GoDaddy’s domain pricing can’t be beat, especially when you can search the web for discount codes. I recently set up a grid server hosting account with Media Temple (MT) and two weeks later canceled. Media Temple may have at one time been an advanced hosting company, but that…
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Webmasters Check CloudFlare Free Services Out

CloudFlare Services Can't Be Beat

A fellow webmaster turned me on to CloudFlare. One of my sites is really resource heavy with huge screen captures and videos. After enabling CloudFlare i could see a serious improvement with it’s loading speed. And a test with Pingdom Tools was really impressive after enabling CloudFlare. This particular website is running WordPress with a slew of plugins and sidebar widgets. It’s a serious data hog! To make it short and sweet ~ CloudFlair’s basic service is FREE and that’s…
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President Vows To Fix Obamacare Website

Obama Vows To Fix Healthcare Website

“Frustrated” Barrack Obama vows to get malfunctioning healthcare website fixed. President Barack Obama declared himself frustrated on Monday with the malfunctioning obamacare website that is important to his healthcare law, and vowed to do whatever it takes to fix it. Scrambling to get ahead of a burgeoning political uproar over implementation of the Affordable Care Act, Obama took to the White House Rose Garden to insist the law is bigger than just a website and that eventually the bugs in…
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Media Temple GS Web Hosting Review

Media Temple Grid Hosting Review | Live Support Feature

This is my personal review of Media Temple’s Grid Server Web Hosting. Media Temple offers a service that they call Grid Server Hosting (GS). Which is a different flavor of the commonly known shared hosting. It’s more pricy at $20 Month, but if you buy an annual subscription they give you 2 months free. No matter where you look on the web everyone out there that is selling web hosting boasts they are the best. Unfortunately that is not always…
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Geek Storage Web Hosting Review


This is our experience purchasing web hosting from Geek Storage. Matthew Eli promises hyper-speed web hosting but did not produce it for myself or a partner in this adventure. Their shared hosting is supposed to be top notch. “Web Hosting For Geeks, By Geeks” is supposed to be better than most shared hosts, but what we experienced was not good at all. In my personal opinion, if you have a small website without much traffic, geek storage will probably…
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The Best Skype Android Modified App

Skype Android APK App Download

Not happy with your Skype Android App? Here is a great Skype Android MOD that’s loaded up with features. Skype Android has came a long way since it’s first introduction, but is still lacking features lots of android smartphone users want. I have been a Skype subscriber for close to 5 years and have a local phone number. It’s great for doing internet work since i have a headset handy leaving my hands free for the keyboard. When I’m away…
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Got The HostGator Migration Blues?

Have You Got The HostGator Migration Blues

Have you got the HostGator Migration Blues? Got this notification recently from my web host HostGator. They were planning on migrating my account to a new server. Hello, Please read this email urgently and in its entirety as it contains very important information regarding your HostGator account on Your account is being upgraded onto brand new, more powerful hardware which will include the latest versions of cPanel and CentOS. We plan to facilitate this upgrade as quickly and seamlessly…
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Have You Checked Out RebelMouse Yet? Graphic Social Media Enhancement

RebelMouse is the new Social Media Enhancement Experience on the block I’m really impressed with it so far. Apparently they are pinging domains getting the word out. I noticed a referrer from them in my stats and followed the link back to their website, which is currently in beta. Well i signed up my sites twitter feed and here is the results. This is easily enabled in WordPress with the plugin. It’s as easy as downloading the plugin from…
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Best Auto Dealer Website Inventory Manager

Need Dealer Support Call Doc

Lets face it, there are a lot of Auto Dealer Website and Inventory Management solutions available. Everyone claims their company provides the best dealer website and inventory management services, but lots of them simply can’t produce what they promised their client. And just because a sites web pages might look good to the dealer that just signed up for service, that don’t necessarily mean they look good to Google and Bing web search crawlers which is most important! If you…
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Costa Concordia Salvage Operation Update

costa concordia slowly turning upright

I see the Costa Concordia Parbuckling operation is proceeding and so far looks to be working. A complex system of pulleys and counterweights successfully dislodged the capsized Costa Concordia from its rocky seabed perch on a Tuscan reef at Giglio Island. An anxiously awaited operation of a kind that has never been attempted on such a huge vessel. Engineers said they’d succeeded in detaching the 952 foot-long vessel from the reef on which it was resting and the operation was…
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Sell More Cars Online Using Fast Paced Auto Dealer Internet Technology

Car Dealers In The Internet Age

Times have changed drastically for Auto Dealers in the past decade. Car business is quickly changing and smart dealers are embracing Internet tech to score more leads. Are you keeping up with changing technology that effects your bottom line? Auto dealers are notoriously late adopters of new tech. In our current state of rapid technological advancement more and more dealerships are closing their doors forever. Don’t let that happen to your dealership! Are you are a small independent auto dealer…
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Tampa Bay Auto Fair Collector Car Show 2000

auto fair photo 3

Auto Fair 2000 At Tampa Fairgrounds Starring “The Mayor” Joe Perrin! Hello, my name is Joe Perrin. I am also called the “Mayor.” Its my job to keep the rest of this bunch in order. We had a great time.. Lots of Cars, Women & Booze! And of course we all have hangovers and Sunburns! Whatever happened to the good old days? Joe Perrin passed away in 2014. May god bless him. I’m sure he is having a blast in…
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