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HostGator Web Hosting Sucks

HostGator Web Hosting

HostGator Web Hosting Sucks. It sucked in 2014 when i leased a VPS Server from HostGator and in 2016 it appears nothing has changed. Since we quit offering web services and notified several clients of this, a couple asked who could move their sites and where to get web hosting. Shared hosting can really suck if the wrong host is chosen. Knowing that i decided to have my client purchase a hosting account and i would do the site move…
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President Obama’s Last State Of The Union Address Video

President Obama’s Last State Of The Union Address

Here is President Obama’s last state of the union address video in full. We also have a link to the full text transcript courtesy of I gotta hand it to president Obama – that man can talk. I like to call it spinning. Obama has a way with words and twice poked Donald Trump with a stick while never mentioning his name. 😆 But not everyone was pleased with Obama’s speech. Counterterrorism expert Dr. Sebastian Gorka blasted President Obama…
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GeoCities Making A Comeback On The Web

GeoCities Making A Comeback

GeoCities is making a comeback. Looking at our referrers log today i see two backlinks coming from a GeoCities domain and checked them out. One of our old time bbs users had a bunch of pages on there that are live today through domain. The two pages i looked at auto refresh and are heavily loaded with advertisements including auto starting videos that made scrolling the page difficult. Gotta generate revenue to fund the project somehow i guess. But…
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The Establishments Censorship Of Donald Trump

YouTube Censorship VIA Social Media Manipulation Going After Donald Trump

Was just viewing videos on and one titled ‘Trump: ‘The establishment is foolish’ is showing it is no longer available because the youtube account has been terminated. Further investigation shows this video is embedded from this article on GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump said Thursday that the Republican elite are ignoring the will of the people at their own peril. “The establishment is foolish,” he said on “Fox and Friends.” “These are foolish people. The establishment is against…
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HoverBoard Riding Priest Condemned By Catholic Diocese

HoverBoard Riding Priest Suspended

Personally speaking i bet Everyone in church had their eyes on him. Unfortunately for this Filipino priest, That was wrong,” the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Pablo said in a statement on its Facebook page. The priest, who has not been named, can be seen sailing up and down aisles as churchgoers in Laguna province applaud. He greeted people and sang a Christmas song on the hoverboard and he was now out of the parish to “reflect”. “The Eucharist demands…
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OfferUp The FREE Craigslist Car Dealer Classified Alternative

Craigslist Alternative OfferUp App

Craigslist is charging auto dealers a flat $5 per car listing fee to advertise their used cars on it’s platform. Considering Craigslist used to be free has many car dealers fuming! But here is something new that might work out better than Craigslist for car dealers. OfferUp is something you car dealers should try out. Everything these days is turning to mobile devices. OfferUp is an app available for both Android and Apple platforms and is definitely worth giving a…
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Google Chrome Cleanup / Software Reporter Tool HIGH CPU

chrome cleanup tool processes

Google Chrome Cleanup / Software Reporter Tool “software_reporter_tool.exe” Was running multiple processes (12 to be exact) and pegging my CPU usage meter. I found this out by bringing up my task manager and observed the multiple processes running. Killing one or more services just popped up more. The name in my process manager is “Chrome Cleanup Tool.” The system fan was whirling like mad trying to cool my CPU down. Thinking id be cute – i deleted that sucker.. Walla…..
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Auto Dealer Social Media Marketing Network Setup Specialist

Auto Dealer SEO and Social Media Specialist

Car Dealers – Are you taking advantage of social media marketing? If you are not posting your inventory to Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, you are losing out on lots of car sales! Now more than ever car buyers are using smartphones to search social media for cars for sale within their area. Let me set your social media networks up and make it super easy to share your cars to three social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus) with…
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Stolen Toyota Prius Battery Packs a HOT Commodity

Stolen Toyota Prius Battery Packs a HOT Commodity

Some unlucky Toyota Prius owners have been finding their hybrid cars distinctly less hybridized over the last few weeks, as thieves have taken to stealing the battery packs from their vehicles. Police and Toyota dealerships are becoming aware of the growing trend, in which criminals smash the car’s rear windows before cutting the cables connecting the battery and lifting it free from the trunk. It’s not entirely clear what kickstarted the battery thefts, but Yahoo Autos speculates the demand for the tech…
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Donald Trump Set Up By FOX News Megyn Kelly

Donald Trump Set Up By FOX News Megyn Kelly

Donald Trump was set up and asked an out of line baited question by Fox News anchor and 1st debate moderator Megyn Kelly! It’s obvious that the GOP wants Donald Trump to shut up. Since the beginning of the nomination period Trump has been effectively sucking all the oxygen out of the GOP. And is constantly maintaining the greatest majority position in the polls. The GOP is scared to death of Donald Trump. So it makes perfect sense to use…
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Windows 10 Professional 64-Bit Upgrade Review

Windows 10 Upgrade Review

Received My FREE Windows 10 Upgrade a few days ago, so here is my review on the upgrade and install process and how it works for me. In a nutshell W10 64-bit Pro upgraded my old Windows 7 Professional 64-bit operating system nearly perfect the 1st time. Like many of you that have been waiting for your reserved upgrade to be downloaded, mine finally came in on August 06 2015. My suggestion is to fully back up your old Windows…
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Removing Open Graph Output On WordPress Pages

remove open graph output wordpress page

Are you using SimplePress the WordPress forum plugin? If so chances are open graph default page data is preventing properly sharing simple press forum posts. There are times when open graph tags output need to be removed from WordPress pages. Using Simple Press WordPress forum is one of them. One example is if you are using a plugin for a forum or other task that does not support open graph. In this case i am using SimplePress forums that are…
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WordPress 4.2 Adds Emoji Support That Breaks Smileys

wordpress 4.2 emoji breaks smiley shortcodes

Received a WordPress 4.2 update notification when logging into my admin As usual i hit the update button and WordPress 4.2 was installed without a hitch, or at least i thought so. Using Firefox browser i switched to my blog’s front end. On the home page i saw a light gray emoji where a yellow wink smiley once was. Using Google chrome browser a tiny black X can be seen where my wink smiley once was. Internet Explorer displays the…
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Video: Gaining Emergency Cockpit Entry Airbus A320

airbus emergency cockpit entry procedure

It’s looking more like GermanWings Flight 4U9525 was deliberately flown into the Swiss alps. It has been said that First Officer Andreas Lubitz, 28, was alone at the controls of the Airbus A320 as it began its rapid descent. Passengers cries were heard on the plane’s cockpit voice recorder in the moments just before the plane slammed into the French Alps, Marseille Prosecutor Brice Robin told a news conference. Banging sounds also were audible, he said, suggesting the captain was…
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WWE Network Subscription Glitch Loosing Money & Members

wwe network cubscription canceled

Are you are a Current WWE Network Subscriber whose subscription is about to end? WWE Network’s current system forces you to actually loose your service first, before creating another to replace the expiring! Wonder who thought this up? They actually are forcing their members to loose service. Sound’s idiotic to me but a customer service agent confirmed this to be true. This morning i received an email that my current subscription is expiring tomorrow. There was a link to sign…
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Google Adds New Security Feature To Chrome Browser

google red alert warning

Google is making it more difficult to accidentally download harmful software Google has added a new warning to Chrome that pops up before users visit a site that will encourage downloads of unwanted software. The red warning, pictured above, lets readers know that the site they’re about to visit a website that “might attempt to trick you into installing programs that harm your browsing experience” by, for example, switching your homepage or injecting extra ads on your screen. Chrome already…
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Francesco Schettino Sentenced 16 Years Jail

fransisco schettino guilty of manslaughter

A court in Grosseto Italy on Wednesday sentenced the captain of the shipwrecked liner the Costa Concordia, to 16 years and one month in prison. In an extraordinary tragedy, the Costa Concordia ran aground off the Tuscan island of Giglio in January 2012 with the loss of 32 lives. In the verdict, the Grosseto court found Capt Francesco Schettino guilty of multiple manslaughter and of having abandoned his ship before all of the 4,000 passengers and crew had alighted. Capt…
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Laza Zcell Samsung Galaxy S5 Extended Battery

laza zcell battery review

Personal Review of Laza Zcell Samsung Galaxy S5 5600mAh Extended Battery purchased on Received this battery late yesterday and charged it to full capacity. I am a heavy net surfer and after about 4 hours of continuous use it was down to 82% charge. Overnight it dropped to 77% while i was sleeping. It has long outlasted my S5 factory battery. Be sure to cycle it as suggested by the seller! I am now in the process of intentionally…
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Credit Monitoring Won’t Catch Medical Identity Theft

Anthem Inc Data Breach Credit Monitoring

Health Insurance giant Anthem Inc. Said hackers had breached its computer system and that the personal information of tens of millions of customers and employees was possibly at risk. The attack on the nation’s second-largest health insurer could be one of the largest data breaches in the healthcare industry, experts said. Anthem said hackers infiltrated a database containing records on as many as 80 million people. Hackers appear to have accessed customers’ names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, member…
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