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Hillary Clinton Becoming President Will Start Nuclear World War 3

Vote For Hillary Is Nuclear War

Hillary Clinton, will start Nuclear World War 3 if elected president. Blaming Russia for DNC and Podesta Hacks is a Nuclear Holocaust in the making. A Vote For Hillary Clinton – Is A Vote For World War 3 Hillary Clinton, is George W. Bush 2.0. She is supported by a plethora of ‘Never Trumps’ who are ready to get back into power by launching new wars of aggression. Except this time the enemy won’t be Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi or any…
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Clinton Campaign Wining & Dining Main Stream Media Reporters

Main Stream Media Conspiring Hillary Clinton

At Least 65 Main Stream Media Reporters Were outed by Wikileaks Meeting, Coordinating, Conspiring with Top Hillary Clinton Campaign Advisors. The opposite of the old saying, buying a politician. In this circumstance the Politician IS buying the media and telling them what to report. To break down the difference between the candidates outside what you here in the MSM,here is the philosophy which is dramatically different. — DeplorableDaniParker (@Danielle_Parker) October 24, 2016 This is the absolute worst form of…
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Florida Early Voting Opens Today

Florida Ballot Vote Fror Donald J Trump

Florida, Today is the day to get out and Early Vote for our Fearless Leader, Donald J Trump to be our 45th President 2016. I cast my ballot today, how about you? Friends, it’s up to us to turn our Dishonest Government Around. As Donald J Trump said, It’s time to Drain The Swamp! Donald Trump Presents his 100-Day Plan To Make America Great Again – For Everyone. Gettysburg, PA: Today, in historic Gettysburg, PA, Donald J. Trump presented a…
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Are Antiquated Florida Voting Machines Ripe For Vote Flipping?

Florida Vote Flipping

With all the talk of Election Fraud in the news, a Valid Concern with Florida’s Antiquated Voting Machines has arisen. Will it be possible to flip votes from one candidate to another in Florida and other states? Back in 2000, the nation’s most spectacular election meltdown took place in Florida thanks to the infamous paper butterfly ballots, ancient voting machines and poorly trained poll workers. The ensuing chaos led to a massive recount, a Supreme Court battle and a narrow…
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Were Democrats Behind IOT DDOS Attack On DYN

Clinton Campaign DDOS Attack

Could the Clinton Campaign be behind today’s DDOS Attack on DYN’s DNS Servers? It sure sounds like something they might try, them blame it on Russia and Donald Trump. Of course we’re only speculating – but we wouldn’t put it past them. They could very well have launched this attack, then pin it on Russia. Liberal media will run with whatever there told like the squawking parrots they are, bashing Donald Trump. We sure wouldn’t put it past them, after…
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Wikileaks Releases First Batch Of Barack Obama Emails

Obama Emails Released By Wikileaks

Wikileaks today released it’s first batch of Barack Obama’s Emails. We suspected Clinton was communicating with Obama via her home brew server. Today’s Obama email release is the 1st in a series of email document dumps promised by Wikileaks. WikiLeaks reveals first batch of US president Barack Obama emails sent via secret address [email protected] — WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) October 20, 2016 This election has more twists and turns than any in U.S. History. More to come so stay tuned.. Just…
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Hillary Clinton Reveals U.S. Nuclear Response Time

Hillary Clinton Nuclear Launch Response Time

Hillary Clinton during last nights final debate shouted out “America’s Nuclear Missile Launch Response Time” for anyone watching to hear. Not the sort of thing a Smart presidential candidate would say. “Hillary said this to Chris Wallace. “The bottom line on nuclear weapons is that when the president gives the order it must be followed. There’s about four minutes between the order being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so.“ Lets face it, we can…
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Donald J Trump Won The Final Presidential Debate

Final Presidental Debate

Donald J Trump clearly was the winner of last nights presidential debate. Hillary Clinton as usual did not add anything to benefit her campaign. Trump did mention Clinton’s Wikileaks accusations, but fell short of revealing her campaigns Project Veritas Election Fraud Findings. Sheriff David Clarke added: “She’s an empty pantsuit. They just plug her in and all she did in all three debates was throw out the talking points no matter what the question was.” Chicago has 1,000 more shooting…
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Madonna Offers BlowJobs For Hillary Clinton Votes

Madonna Offers Blow Jobs Clinton Votes

Madonna is offering anyone who votes for Hillary Clinton a Blowjob. Madonna also claims she is good, not a tool, takes her time, and swallows Update 11/09/16: It seems Madonna changed her mind about giving FREE Sex to those that voted for Hillary Clinton. 😆 Why is there no line of blowjob seekers at Madonna’s house today? Because she’s a LIAR! @madonna. My story: — Gersh Kuntzman (@GershKuntzman) November 8, 2016 Pop star Madonna got raunchy while introducing…
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Clinton Campaign Busted For Inciting Riots At Trump Rallies

Clinton Campaign Busted By Sting Operation

Clinton Campaign used Bird-Dogging and other unethical political disruptive techniques to instigate trouble and start riots at Donald J Trump Rallies. Democratic party operatives tell us how easy it is to successfully commit voter fraud on a massive scale as told by Scott Foval, who admits that the Democrats have been rigging elections for fifty years. Vacant addresses used to commit voter registration fraud. Democrats also bus voters to different states, to vote again. It’s corruption at it’s highest level,…
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CNN: Corporate News Network Intimidating Viewers

CNN Intimidating Viewers Podesta

CNN: America’s Corporate News Network AKA Clinton News Network is Intimidating Viewers by saying It’s Illegal to Possess Podesta / Clinton Emails. It’s obvious the Clinton Camp is running scared. There’s an old saying, nothing hurts worse than the truth. Voters are seeing that dirty side of Hillary Clinton. Whether it’s illegal to possess these hacked Podesta emails distributed by Wikileaks is anyone’s best guess. Though we sincerely doubt it. Law Prof Smacks Down CNN Chris Cuomo’s Claim That It’s…
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Drake Enterprises Cyber Services Attacks

R.L. Drake Scraper Bot

Drake Holdings IP Range AKA AS62540 has been attacking my blogs for months. Drake is attempting to harvest every article image etc on the two WordPress sites. Fortunately we run our DNS through CloudFlare and are able to block the attacks. CloudFlare provides the best cyber attack protection in the business, even on free accounts. Quite a bit of info about Drake Holdings comes up in a Google search, including this discussion on forum. Contacting the administrator via…
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Florida EDO Email Requests DOB And County Of Residence

Florida EDO Voter Fraud Alert

This suspected highly fraudulent email from Florida EDO landed in our inbox recently. It wreaks of voter registration fraud. This email is purposed to come from Donald J Trump but coming from an insecure Gmail account, we doubt it is authentic. Email from “Florida EDO” [email protected] requesting voters reply with their Date Of Birth and County of residence. Voter registration fraud is already being reported by TV8 Tampa Bay. HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – Voting, choosing those who will represent…
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America Is Not Stupid: But Clinton Owned Liberal Media Thinks We Are

America Is Not Stupid

America and Americans are not stupid. Though Hillary Clinton and her owned liberal media thinks we are dumber than a box of rocks. Think again chumps! America has witnessed Federal Laws that were broken that are punishable by long Federal Prison Sentences. Crimes that were excused by Loretta Lynch and James Comey just wreak of corruption and collusion. Americans are not idiots that will let corrupt politicians and liberal media lead us around by the nose! Made up lies by…
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WP Rocket Read Our Horror Story Before Purchasing

WP Rocket Horror Story

Read this WP Rocket WordPress Cashing Plugin Review Before Purchasing. It’s not as described. Even WP Rocket tech support couldn’t get their product to work as advertised. WP Fastest Cache FREE Plugin outperforms WP Rocket! We have been running WP Fastest Cache on this blog for several months. Our theme uses Google fonts that are not optimized. This lowers it’s Page Speed Insites score. WP Rocket claims it optimizes Google fonts but does not. Always looking for more speed, we…
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Why NBC News Today Show Ratings Are Down

Today Show Ratings Down

NBC News Today Show is suffering from Down Ratings. Here’s Doc’s opinion why ratings are down, and a suggestion or two to fix it. First thing in the show Matt Lauer and Savanna Guthrie leap all over Donald J Trump. Hell bent on digging up anything they can use to trash him.  But they conveniently leave out anything negative about Hillary Clinton and her Clinton campaign. NBC, it’s your own fault Today’s ratings are in the crapper! Meanwhile, Julian Assange…
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New York Times Publishes False Article About Trump

NYT False Trump Allegations

Liberal Media New York Times, is once again falsely trashing Donald Trump. This time by publishing blatantly false claims Trump assaulted women. From Four women accused Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump of sexual assault on Wednesday in a series of reports, adding to the already damaging revelations about his suggestive comments about women. Trump’s campaign dismissed the allegations as having no merit or veracity, and it attacked The New York Times, accusing the media outlet of having a vendetta….
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Danney Williams, Bill Clinton’s Son Trying To Connect With Dad

Danney Wiilliams

Bill Clinton’s long-lost son Danney Williams reveals how the Clinton’s cast him away and his current struggles to reconnect with his father. Williams has been asking for a DNA test from Bill Clinton for decades. The Clinton’s claimed there was a DNA test which disproved Bill was the father, but it was later reported there was never a test. Back in the 1980s, Clinton reportedly visited Williams’ mother, a struggling street hooker named Bobbie Ann, at least 13 times while…
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Clinton: Anything You Say Will Be Used Against You

Bill Clinton's Assault Victims

Hillary Clinton and her campaign are digging down deep into Donald Trump’s past, trying to find anything she can use against him to win the election. Her left wing media partners chime in echoing whatever is dredged up, trying to spin Clinton as a saint. Of course we know there is no halo floating over her head. It’s actually the opposite, but left wing media wouldn’t dare report the truth. Meanwhile a recent article in by columnist John Romano….
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The Election Is Over – Donald J Trump WON

Bill Clinton Priceless Look

The Election Is Over – Donald J Trump Won. Despite liberal media and the Clinton campaign’s smear tactics. Donald J Trump is the election winner. It’s a fact that Rats are the first to abandon what they think is a sinking ship, and the GOP Rats are no different. So many Republicans quickly abandoned their leader when NBC News dug down deep into its bowels and released that secretly recorded sex tape between Billy Bush and Donald Trump. After realizing…
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