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Donald J. Trump Inauguration Invitation Received Today

Donald J. Trump Inauguration Invitation

Received my Official Donald J. Trump / Mike Pence presidential Inauguration Invitation Today some TWO Months Late! When our postman came today i received this large mailer addressed from the committee for the presidential inauguration. After opening the envelope there were two professionally designed invitation cards inviting me to the inauguration of Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Considering all the stink main stream media stirred up about the event attendance size, I’m wondering if someone delayed the invitations? Update 03/18/2017:…
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Linwood Michael Kaine Arrested For Rioting At Trump Rally

Linwood Micheal Kaine arrsted for Roiting at Trump Rally

The son of Hillary Clinton’s running mate Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, was arrested in Minnesota over the weekend for rioting against President Donald Trump. Linwood Michael Kaine, 24, was arrested with four other people and charged with second-degree riot for his activities during a pro-Trump rally held in the rotunda of the Minnesota state capitol in St. Paul on Saturday. V.P. Loser Sen Tim Kaine Said He Loves That His Children Express Their Political Views Peacefully ! Really ?…
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Another Wikileaks Drip Exposes CIA Vault 7 Dirty Laundry

CIA Vault 7 Spying Techniques Wikileaks

Since President Trump’s wire tapping allegations, Wikileaks dumped CIA “Vault 7” Hacking Spying secrets for all America to see. Mobile Devices (iPhone Android) are easily breached by the government spying agency. Samsung Smart TV’s and Cisco Routers a favorite target. A total of 8,761 documents have been published as part of ‘Year Zero’ the first in a series of leaks the whistleblower organization has dubbed ‘Vault 7.’ The “Russian hacking” was a false flag by the CIA. It was done…
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Donald J Trump Making America Greater And Stronger Than Ever Before

Making America Great Again

We the American People elected Donald J Trump as OUR President because we’re sick of Democratic Bullshit! Mr. Trump’s message came in loud and clear during last nights speech to America and Joint Congress. Lets all stand tall together under God and pull our resources together to make America greater, safer, and stronger than ever before! We’re going to turn what you see in this video around in record time. As Mr. Trump said last night, dream big. America will…
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President Donald J Trump Address To Congress 02/28/17

Donald J Trump Address To Congress

President Donald Trump delivered his best speech yet to the joint session of Congress Tuesday night. He addressed familiar promises from his campaign and calling for unity to address issues that he says are plaguing the country. Trump’s call for an end to division and trivial fighting comes in the wake of a bruising campaign and a tumultuous start to his presidency. The speech also comes amid a storm of questions about alleged contacts between Trump associates and suspected Russian…
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Hillary Clinton Returns To Spotlight Stirring Up Trouble

Hillary Clinton Is Back

Hillary Clinton called for “resistance and persistence” and for Democrats to “keep fighting” in a new video message to the Democratic party. Candidates have been campaigning aggressively for months in both public forums and private meetings across the country, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars and hiring professional campaign teams. Clinton’s three-minute message was recorded for Democrats gathering in Atlanta, where a new party chairman was chosen. We suggest Crooked Hillary and her supporters to stop stirring up trouble. It’s…
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Academy Awards Oscar Screw-up Names La La Land Winner

Inscripted Confusion At 2017 Acadamy Awards

Last night at 2017 Hollywood Academy Awards, Faye Dunaway named La La Land as the winning flick. When liberals are angry with Donald J. Trump they can’t function “off script” and make serious mistakes. Oops.. 😆 Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, stars of 1967’s classic Bonnie and Clyde, introduced the best picture nominees. After opening the envelope Beatty paused, seeming to realize that something was amiss before handing the envelope card to Dunaway, who then announced La La Land as…
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Popular Start Over Feature Removed From Spectrum Cable TV

charter spectrum start over feature removed

Since Bright House Networks merged with Spectrum AKA Charter, we have confirmed their “Start Over” feature has been removed. Start Over is a very popular feature that we use a lot. It’s especially appreciated in the morning if we’re late for the morning news. Just select start over from the menu and walla.. Update 12/13/18: We cut the cable and switched to YouTube TV. See this post for further details. Last week we discovered this feature was not working. The…
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Madonna Goes From BlowJobs To Blow Up The Whitehouse!

Madonna Whitehouse Blowup Threat Federal Felony Offense

Yesterday at the Woman’s March / Activist Protest, Madonna proudly spouted off, I’ve Thought About Blowing Up The Whitehouse! Beyond dropping a few f-bombs on live, national television, Madonna had a lot to say during her surprise visit to the Women’s March on Washington today. Yes, I’m angry. Yes I am outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House. But I know this won’t change anything. We cannot fall into despair. The Women’s March…
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Facebook Comments Robots Block Impacts Website SEO

Facebook Comments Website Blues

Recently we added Facebook Comments to this blog thinking they would improve engagement among site visitors. But a robots.txt block spoiled the fun. Facebook users as a rule stay signed in when going to other places on the net. So having FB Comments installed makes it quick and easy to leave a blog comment on an article. Sounded like a win-win scenario. Unfortunately we discovered today that FB is putting a robots.txt block on our comments url. We found this…
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Clinton Campaign / John Podesta Looking Like Inept Fools

Clinton Podesta Whining About Losing

Hillary Clinton and ole John “PizzaGate” Podesta continue sniveling and whining about their stinging election defeat. What part of You Lost don’t y’all understand? Hillary’s campaign tried every dirty trick money could buy. They beat up on elderly and disabled Donald J Trump rally attendees, conspired against Bernie Sanders, and it goes on and on. Then some blooming idiot within the Clinton Campaign fell for a common everyday phishing email, that even teenagers are smart enough not to fall for….
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Election Related Fake News Rules Facebook Groups

Denver Guardian Fake News Published To Facbook

Election Related Fake News. It’s the top talk on the net. Being a Donald J Trump supporter we utilized our Facebook page to help make America Great Again! We blogged many election related articles that were shared to our Facebook page. We also created narrated screen videos that were uploaded and shared with a handful of Donald J Trump related Facebook groups. Donald J Trump promotion related Facebook Groups were humming with activity. Good posts or videos got hundreds of…
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AdSense Not Worth Jumping Through Google’s Hoops

Why Google Denied Our AdSense Account

AdSense, why it’s probably not worth the aggravation of applying and jumping through Google’s approval process hoops. Personally speaking the ads look tacky on websites to me and are a distraction when reading an article. Plus it can take many months or even years to earn your 1st $100 needed to get paid. Then Google scrutinizes the clicks and there is a good chance your AdSense account will be suspended. Read many AdSense horror stories on groups and blogs. This…
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Alt-Reality Media Loves President-Elect Donald J Trump

Alt-Reality Media Donald J Trump

The “fake news” that the left media is obsessing over is only the latest indicator of the perils our new post-truth media faces. Indeed, what we learned this year was that the lefts walls are down, and the gatekeepers have been dismissed. Bias media dethroning was a long time coming. For years, conservatives criticized the bias and double standards of the mainstream media, and much of that criticism was richly deserved. The media’s dramatic failure to get the election right…
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T-Mobile Review From 19 Year Current Subscriber

T-Mobile Customer Service Review

I’ve been a T-Mobile Subscriber since 1997 and the Network is nothing but perfect. Rarely in 19 years was there an outage or problems with the network. Unfortunately T-mobiles sales department and 611 phone support is the exact opposite of that great T-mobile network experience. For all those 19 years my T-Mobile bill was paid on time every month, not one day was my payment late. I’ve been lied to twice at our local Clearwater FL T-Mobile store. Now I’m…
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Donald Trump Presidential Statement Delivered By YouTube

President-elect Donald Trump Statement on YouTube

President-elect Donald J Trump sidelined the media by directly releasing this video statement to America 11/21/16. Mr. Trump offered what he called an update on his transition, which he said was going very smoothly, efficiently and effectively. Considering dishonest liberal media would spin the message around to suite their narrative, this was the perfect way to directly reach out to Americans. A truly smart move on Donald J Trump’s part. The man is brilliant! Whether it’s producing steel, building cars…
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Goldberg Slaughters Brock Lesnar The Beast In TWO Minutes

Paul Heyman Prays As Goldberg Slaughters The Beast

Goldberg with Two Spears and a Jackhammer took out Brock Lesnar in less than two minutes. Paul Heyman can be seeing praying as Lesnar went down hard for the three count. With his wife and son watching him from the ringside for the very first time, Goldberg put an end to all the jibes and insults aimed at his family over the past week by Brock and his advocate Paul Heyman. The win was made even sweeter as the crowd…
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Easiest Facebook Comments Without Plugin WordPress Mod

Facebook Comments WordPress

Want to add Facebook Comments to WordPress but don’t want to use a plugin? Just add these two code snippets and it’s a done deal. This mod also works with Simple:Press the WordPress forum plugin. Plugins are a quick easy way to add Facebook comments to WordPress but some add extra bloat to your site. That added bloat eats up system resources slowing your blog down. It’s easy to save those resources by adding Facebook Comments manually by adding two…
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Video: Watch These Crazy Nurburgring Car Crashes

Nürburgring Car Crashes

Check out this compilation of recent Nürburgring car crashes. Some drivers are overly ambitious, but not all of them. For every person who ends up in the grass after entering a corner a little too hot, it seems there’s at least one other person else who spins out in weather conditions way beyond their control. Perhaps it’s the quick tension of the initial loss of grip, and the release of the inevitable shunt. Maybe there’s something mesmerizing about seeing car…
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Tampa Bay Times Flip Flops On FL AG Pam Bondi

TBT Flip Flop Pam Bondi Trump Transition Team

Back in October Tampa Bay Times (TBT) columnist John Romano published a stinging article about Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi because she supported Donald J Trump for president. Tampa Bay Times, formerly St. Pete Times, has since Flip Flopped after Bondi was appointed the top member of President elect Donald Trump’s transition team. Yesterday TBT published this article congratulating Bondi for being picked to be on president Trump’s transaction team. Attorney General Pam Bondi was named today as a member…
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