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President Vows To Fix Obamacare Website

Obama Vows To Fix Healthcare Website

“Frustrated” Barrack Obama vows to get malfunctioning healthcare website fixed. President Barack Obama declared himself frustrated on Monday with the malfunctioning obamacare website that is important to his healthcare law, and vowed to do whatever it takes to fix it. Scrambling to get ahead of a burgeoning political uproar over implementation of the Affordable Care Act, Obama took to the White House Rose Garden to insist the law is bigger than just a website and that eventually the bugs in…
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Costa Concordia Salvage Operation Update

costa concordia slowly turning upright

I see the Costa Concordia Parbuckling operation is proceeding and so far looks to be working. A complex system of pulleys and counterweights successfully dislodged the capsized Costa Concordia from its rocky seabed perch on a Tuscan reef at Giglio Island. An anxiously awaited operation of a kind that has never been attempted on such a huge vessel. Engineers said they’d succeeded in detaching the 952 foot-long vessel from the reef on which it was resting and the operation was…
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