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WordPress Migration

My ass is still stinging from this Farce of an election the whole world has witnessed. Friends the left literally screwed Donald Trump out of a well deserved second term. We the people who supported and voted for President Donald Trump know we were swindled by cheating lying Democrats! I had started a new blog in early 2020 that covered lots of the topic ‘Election 2020‘ but decided to merge that blog with this old one referred to as FidoSysop Archive. WordPress has vastly improved their clunky export / import…

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Getting Healthy Writing The Next Chapter Of My Life Story

weight loss solution

After the love on my life went to be with the lord just before Christmas 2019, It was time to look at my life. Last month at my doctors office i weighed in at 317 pounds. Though I’m a big frame tall guy, my ideal weight should be around 200 pounds. Today i weighed in at 293 pounds! 🙂 When i was 13 i hung around a neighborhood TV shop after school learning how to fix radios and televisions. I lost my right eye being a dumb kid playing with…

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Randy Suess Computer Bulletin Board System Inventor Dead At 74

randy suess

Randy Suess the co-inventor of the computer bulletin board system passed away at 74. Suess and another man Ward Christensen worked together to invent the computer bulletin board system (BBS) as they were called back in the mid 198o’s. Soon afterward the Fidonet network allowed worldwide communications. Together they were a great combination In late January 1978, Suess was part of an early home computer club called the Chicago Area Computer Hobbyists’ Exchange. He and another club member, an IBM engineer named Ward Christensen, had been discussing an idea for…

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The Love Of My Life Has Left Me To Be With The Lord

wan cozumen

As it’s often said – when your time is up – it’s up – and you leave this earth. My sweetheart Wan suffered a stroke Sunday and was rushed to the ER. A brain embolism put her in a coma. She was brain-dead and taken off a ventilator this morning. It was totally unexpected. 😥 She is a Christian from Thailand and U.S. Citizen. Republican AND a Trump Supporter! Her loss came while she was in church. Paramedics got there quick but the damage was already done. A brain bleed…

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Community Forums Discussion Making A Strong Comeback

fidosysop forums

Forum’s were once the preferred internet hangout for people looking discuss certain topics. But soon people flocked to Facebook and most forums were abandoned, but are making a comeback today. Bulletin Board Systems were the predecessor of web forum software. Forums offer a better community giving friends a secure tracking free source to discuss topics of interest. Most forums offer true personal messaging for private communication. FidoSysop Blog runs WordPress under PHP 7.3 on a WHM / cPanel dedicated server. This forum is SimplePress an excellent WordPress plugin. This triple…

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Why Forum Discussions Are Best For Political Topics

fidosysop blog and forums

Forum discussions are the old fashioned best resource for HOT topics that are censored by social media. Political discussions right now are sizzling hot, and also heavily moderated with political bias censorship on many platforms. With the 2020 Elections around the corner, Conservatives and Trump supporters are literally being slaughtered by left wing social media. That’s where a well designed SEO optimized web forum is worth it’s weight in gold! FidoSysop recently got beat up bad on Facebook. My page reached 3.4 million conservatives and Trump supporters in August. The…

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My New MAGA Red Hat and YouTube Conservative Censorship

fidosysop maga red hat

Received my new Red MAGA Hat from Saturday and produced this video bragging about it. There’s nothing better than Made in the USA and the MAGA Movement! It’s also a shame how Google censors conservatives! Over the years I’ve seen my country go to crap but it’s coming back with Donald J. Trumps guidance. I thank GOD for sending President Trump to clean up this Democrat Mess! Team Trump is facing an uphill battle getting our message out in Cyberspace. Censorship is running the gauntlet favoring Liberal media over…

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Why Is My YouTube Act Indexed As Gaming Channel In Search

FidoSysop Gaming YouTube Channel

After publishing last nights Trump Rally and video I googled up my brand FidoSysop. It was puzzling to see my YouTube channel indexed as a Gaming Channel. I’m not a gamer and have no gaming content either here or on my YouTube channel. All year I’ve been complaining about my YouTube Videos getting nearly any views. Maybe it’s because Google has my channel improperly categorized. Being a conservative and Donald J. Trump supporter i figured the lack of views was punishment by Google. Have Y’all watched this Google butt-hurt video…

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Doc’s Place Fidonet Computer Bulletin Board System

doc's place bbs sysop view

Doc’s Place Computer Bulletin Board System (BBS) Fidonet Access Since 1991 and Still Going in 2018. No censorship with this network operated by hobbyists 😎 Before the net became a part of our lives there were bulletin board systems. Volunteer hobbyists ran BBSes on old slow personal computers. The Fidonet network soon followed. System operators (sysops) relayed public Echomail around the world. This process copied each message to all the BBSes in the network. This was all done with old slow dial up modems. In 1994 a company called Planet…

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Hootsuite Was My Favorite But I Switched to Buffer

Hootsuite or Buffer we chose Buffer

Hootsuite for many years was my favorite social media sharing platform. But my recent negative experience led me to Buffer who blows Hootsuite away! 😉 An old tightwad, I’ve used their free account to social share to three platforms. But recently after adding another blog and setting up it’s Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter acts, i needed to upgrade my plan. The adventure began as i upgraded and found out their $19.95* plan was actually $29.95 month. To get the $19.95 subscription required paying yearly, that’s out of my budget.…

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Meghan Markle Family Feud or Upcoming Royal Scandal

meghan markle suits

According to Meghan Markle’s half brother Thomas Markle Jr warned 33-year-old Prince Harry to cancel the May 19 marriage with the USA Network ‘Suits’ actress. Mr. Markle slammed the suits actor. He insisted that 36 year-old Meghan is a jaded, shallow, conceited woman that will make a joke of you and the royal family heritage. Thomas Markle’s letter shared with In Touch magazine reads: As more time passes to your royal wedding, it became very clear that this is the biggest mistake in royal wedding history. Meghan Markle is obviously…

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Google Account History HUGE Compared To Facebook

Google Account Data Collection Retention

Your Google account usage could be HUGE compared to what Facebook collected on it’s members. The only difference is Google does not profit by selling members data. But no doubt uses it to target members with ads and for other purposes. There is a web developer in Ireland who was curious what Google had collected about him. So he downloaded a copy of his Google account history. He was shocked with what the zip archive he downloaded held. If you have location tracking turned on via your smartphone, tablet or…

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Forum Timeline Of Personal Electronic Communications

We’ve came a long way since the 1st computer bulletin board system in the 80’s. Bulletin boards were taken over by Internet forum’s. Then along came Facebook that turned internet forum’s into ghost towns. It’s time to step back and look what has happened to our lives since then, and find new places to hang out online. The recent revelations that Facebook was mining and selling our personal information to Government and corporations has everyone talking. High profile Facebook users such as Elon Musk has deleted their accounts. Elon Musk…

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Terror Attack In Las Vegas NV 50 Including Shooter Dead

Route 91 Harvest Festival Stephen Paddock Shooter

Terrorist attack in Las Vegas kills at least 50 concertgoers. Stephen Paddock fired into the Route 91 Harvest Festival an outdoors concert from the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay Hotel. Many other concertgoers were wounded. Police are looking for an Asian accomplice who earlier shouted “everyone is going to die.” Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said the dead gunman Stephen Paddock is believed to have checked in as a hotel guest, but did not immediately reveal a motive. Authorities said two on-duty Las Vegas Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers…

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Was Alejandro Villanueva Threatened By Coach Mike Tomlin Or The NFL

Alejandro Villanueva

Alejandro Villanueva apologizes to Mike Tomlin and his teammates for ‘throwing them under the bus‘. But was his apology speech made under duress? Many are thinking coach Mike Tomlin threatened him with termination of his contract. The NFL may have played it’s part in this flip-flop where big money is king! Alejandro Villanueva, a Steelers lineman and U.S. Army veteran, was pictured standing alone before Sunday’s game during the national anthem while the rest of the team refused to take the field in protest. His stand has made his jersey…

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Experian Offering Free Dark Web Email Scan Complete With Targeted Ads

Experian Terms Of Service

Experian is running ads saying “Email addresses are being sold on the Dark Web. Scan and see if yours is one of them.” Considering Equifax was Hacked recently the offer sounds promising. But Experian’s FREE email scan and report has Targeted Advertising stipulation consumers should be aware of. 🙁 However after clicking the ad link prospective consumers are presented with Experian’s terms of service. Did you notice and read Experian’s Ad Targeting Policy Link above? Unfortunately there is no such thing as FREE. There’s always a catch to free offers..…

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Facebook Security And Privacy Better Cover Your Butt

Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook is a good place to connect with Family and Trusted Friends. But there is a dark side to the social media site folks should be aware of 😥 Data Retention: Facebook compiles what’s known as a Dossier on it’s members, that they are very secretive of. It was a security vulnerability that exposed what they were doing behind their members backs. Everything on Facebook is linked to other links, friends, jobs, music, movies, activities, etc. Listing your employment? as an example you are presented with a list of predefined…

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American Airlines Flight 591 Attendant Challenges Passenger To Fight

American Airlines Flight Attendant Challenges Passenger Into Fight

Chaos ensued on American Airlines Flight 591 Friday night. A flight attendant struck the mother of twins struggling for control of a stroller. Then challenged passenger who stuck up for crying woman into fight. Video of the incident in which the woman was forced off the plane was taken by passenger Surain Adyanthaya, who was outraged at what he saw as the plane was boarding at San Francisco International Airport. Adyanthaya began filming after a flight attendant had a confrontation with a woman trying to juggle her twins and also…

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United Airlines Drags Bloody Beaten Chinese Doctor By Feet Off Plane

Doctor David Dao United Airlines

Chinese Doctor David Dao was beaten and bloodied, then dragged from his seat by United Airlines security after refusing to deplane! When David Dao refused to deplane United ordered airport security to remove him. It was more important to United Airlines for their employee to have his seat. Updated 04/15/17: For current information on UA3411 Indecent see this Wikipedia write-up. Wikipedia is the best source for links to updated official information. A common practice in the airline industry is overbooking flights. United needed to fly 4 employees to their destination. China…

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Amazon 3rd Party Sellers Trashing Jeff Bezos Good Reputation

Amazon Bad 3rd Party Sellers

Some of Amazon’s third-party sellers are stirring up quite a buzz on the net. There is talk of fraud by sellers who disappear overnight, leaving Bezos to clean up the mess. It’s doing a number on Amazon’s reputation, but nobody seems to care. 😥 Amazon is experiencing problems that consumers typically associate with marketplaces like eBay: scam sellers, are racking up high negative feedback ratings. @fareehaali we reported on this earlier last week There is a new wave of fraud. A lot of chaos in popular products — Marketplace…

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