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Facebook CNN Damage Control On Steroids After Veritas Expose

Immediately after sharing today's blog post about Project Veritas whistleblower exposing CNN. Facebook gave my FidoSysop page a temporary link… Read More

1 day ago

CNN Anti-Trump Bias Exposed By Project Veritas Whistleblower

CNN Anti-Trump Bias Exposed by company whistleblower, Cary Poarch. This brave insider secretly recorded president Jeff Zucker and other insiders… Read More

1 day ago

Trump Rally Lake Charles LA 10/11/19 Instant Replay

President Trump Lake Charles LA Rally had the crowd cheering last night. This was the president's 2nd back to back… Read More

4 days ago

Trump Rally Minneapolis MN 10/10/19 Instant Replay

What a GREAT Trump Rally Minneapolis it was last night. President Trump took aim at Joe and Hunter Biden, as… Read More

5 days ago

Fox News Bias Poll: America Wants President Trump Impeached

Left Leaning FOX NEWS Bias Poll is saying 51% of Americans want President Trump Impeached! This is Absolute Liberal BULLSHIT!… Read More

6 days ago

Meet The Press Chuck Todd Goes Berserk Interviewing Sen. Ron Johnson

Chuck Todd once again made an ASS out of himself Sunday trying to derail Sen. Ron Johnson, defending president Trump.… Read More

1 week ago

Democrats Lost Voters To Trump Now Trolling Far Left Extremists

Last night it dawned on me that Democrats Lost Voters to Trump. Many union fed democratic voters have woken up… Read More

1 week ago

RINO Mitt Romney: The “Big Mouth” That Cost Him Two Elections

A secret recording of US Republican presidential candidate RINO Mitt Romney condemning millions of Americans who cannot provide for themselves,… Read More

2 weeks ago

President Trump Visits The Villages FL Promotes Medicare To Seniors

President Trump visited The Villages Retirement Community in Central Florida yesterday promoting better Medicare coverage and private healthcare for seniors.… Read More

2 weeks ago

Corrupt Joe Biden: Mainstream Media Is LYING To America

The Swamp and their MSM Haters are LYING About Corrupt Joe Biden. NBC News Lester Holt said "There is NO… Read More

2 weeks ago

Arrest Adam Schiff For Treason Reading Biden Ukraine Parody

President Trump ramped up his attack on House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff. Saying the California Democrat should be charged with… Read More

2 weeks ago

America Is At War With Do Nothing Democrats And Their Allies

America is at WAR again! Pearl Harbor was Attacked 78 years ago killing thousands, stating World War 2. Today there… Read More

2 weeks ago

Russian Built Bentley Ultratank The Off Road Bentley Continental GT

Check out this Russian Bentley Ultratank the wildest off-road Bentley ever conceived. The idea of chopping up a $150,000 Bentley… Read More

3 weeks ago

Rashida Tlaieb T-shirts Saying Impeach The Motherf****r Are Immoral

Not to be outdone by Beto O'Rourke who is selling take your AR-15's t-shirts, Democratic Hater Rashida Tlaieb is selling… Read More

3 weeks ago

Adam Schiff Reading Self Written Clown Parody LIED To Congress

Shifty Adam Schiff one of the Trump haters involved in the Russia Dossier crime and coverup yesterday lied to congress.… Read More

3 weeks ago

I’m Sick Of DO NOTHING DEMOCRATS Attacking MY President!

This latest Do Nothing Democrats attack on President Trump makes me sick. Everywhere I look the media haters are screaming… Read More

3 weeks ago

Trump Phone Transcript Ukraine Pres Volodymyr Zelensky

Creepy Uncle Joe's GOOSE Is Cooked! President Trump has decided to release the transcript of his phone call with Ukraine… Read More

3 weeks ago

Democratic Corruption As Hunter Biden Ukraine Scandal Unfolds

The crap is hitting the fan with Joe Biden attacking the President trying to cover his butt about HIS Ukraine… Read More

3 weeks ago

NCHS Football Game Cancelled For Cheerleaders Supporting Trump 2020

Stanley County Schools NC has cancelled a scheduled nchs football game punishing the teams cheerleaders for a photo of them… Read More

4 weeks ago

America Can Not Trust The Media When Making Political Decisions

With 2020 Elections Nearing, America can NOT Trust the media to properly research the so-called facts they publish. It's a… Read More

4 weeks ago