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08/03/19 WHM / cPanel licensing blues: The web-server FidoSysop runs on is called Web Host Manager (WHM) with domain accounts handled by it’s cPanel. It’s the Rolls Royce of web server software. Oakley Capital bought WHM / cPanel last year and has raised it’s license fees sky high. A big money grab that will put a hurting on many web-hosts!

The problem is, unlimited licenses no longer will be issued. The new license counts how many cPanel accounts (domains) are used. I currently have 5 domains on my instance, that would increase my monthly fee by $2 dollars. If i was to add another domain my server fee would increase $22. This instance can handle 100 domains easily. The greatest majority of ISP’s offer cPanel, some having 100,000 domains packed on a server. My blog post is here.

08/01/19 Facebook Comments: I have disabled Facebook comments for the time being. They were very seldom used and the added system resources required made this decision a no-brainier. I’ve found that most comments and engagement on my Facebook page are from shared images and screen shots. Article clicks are few and far between. 😥

announcements system news
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