FidoSysop’s Blog & Archives is a good sized web archive of Florida Cracker ‘Doc’ AKA FidoSysop’s adventures in cyberspace dating back to the the dial up computer bulletin board system days. Fidonet is the first global communications network. The Fidonet network Is operated by hobbyist’s on personal computers who bounced early ‘echomail and netmail‘ around the world on dial-up modems.

Doc registered way back in 1998 as a telnet / web address for his Fidonet Bulletin board system when the Internet’s rollout devastated the dial up bulletin board systems of that era. Doc’s Place BBS is still online today and actively used by die-hard bulletin board system callers.

Since those early days doc studied the net and became a very savvy internet webmaster. The domain has been used for many websites doc has published. It’s a great learning experience putting new methods together to further it’s reach in cyberspace and continues on. runs on a dedicated web server running WHM / cPanel and it’s running Linux operating system. It’s self administered by Doc who keeps it well updated to fend off attacks from hoards of unruly and nosy bots. It’s DNS, encryption, and security, is managed by CloudFlare. is simply a hobby website that does not run ads or attempt to generate revenue, and costs around $60 month to keep online, cheap enough for me to post my opinions on politics and other stuff. Besides there’s nothing more tacky looking than Google ads cluttering a site up, in my humble personal opinion. Since I was a teenager hanging out at a local TV shop learning to fix radios and television sets I was thrilled with electronics. When the net was rolled out to the public I felt right at home, and have amassed vast webmaster knowledge since then, and continue my quest to learn more and be better in what I do while hanging out in cyberspace.

Doc became a Donald Trump supporter in 2016 and actively blogged about his campaign. It’s been a rough nearly 4 years blogging about Donald Trump who is America’s Best President Ever, In my opinion. Political bias censorship had nearly wiped’s web pages and blog posts from Googles index. Yea ole Doc is on Googles crap list, but screw Google. Some attorney will sooner or later take a huge chunk out of their ass – and doc will gladly join in the class-action!

Doc has blogged most of Donald Trump’s MAGA Rally instant replays. Other content is webmaster help articles. And a little of this and that. makes good use of many subdomains hosting previous websites and blogs he has authored and published over the years.

Everything is manipulated by big-tech with Google controlling our everyday lives. Twitter is shadowbanning anything I share. With that being said, my Twitter act is history. I’ve left my once popular FidoSysop page up for it’s archive, though most of the posts are banned. I’m not a fan of big-tech censorship, and that’s just what social media has become. We can thank Barack Obama and his then lackey VP Joe Biden for letting big-tech amass such power over the people. 🙁

I’ve managed to live a decent life, never arrested or any parking tickets, and I don’t need to associate myself with big-tech-tyranny. When big-tech sees the need to censor the people that’s when I quit all social media political activities. The buzz going around the net is, Joe Biden’s anarchists will be coming after us. It’s the left inciting hatred not Trump supporters! 😥