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Full Video: Trump Rally Topeka KS 10/06/18 Congrats Justice Kavanaugh

Donald Trump celebrated Justice Brett Kavanaughs successful conformation during this KAG2018 Rally at Kansas Expocentre, in Topeka KS. He rallied for GOP Congressman Kevin Yoder who is in a tight race against his Democratic opponent. The mood of the president and his supporters was joyous after winning the Supreme Court battle. Trump urged America to get out and Vote Republican 11/06/18 😉

Trump Rally Topeka KS

Another fantastic Donald Trump MAGA KAG2018 rally at the Kansas Expocentre, in Topeka KS 10/06/18

Trump Blasted Democrats as the Angry Left-Wing Mob, and the Party Of Crime, to the cheers from the crowd. FidoSysop, personally speaking, just what good for America is the DNC? The president is right and he has been right since day one.

Brett Kavanaugh being sworn into US Supreme Court

Photo of judge Brett Kavanaugh being sworn into the supreme court attended by his wife and children

Meanwhile as Justice Kavanaugh was being sworn in to the supreme court, Democratic hater Nancy Pelosi vowed to Impeach Justice Kavanaugh. She also promised to file a FOIA request to make Brett Kavanaugh’s FBI report public. Nancy Pelosi Hates America! 😡

Lets face it Friends, All Democrats will do if they get in power, is tear down all the good Donald Trump has done since taking office. We can’t let them take the House or Senate!

Team Trump is helping President Donald Trump Keep America Great in 2018! DNC Defectors are Welcome. Dems Just Vote Republican for your Trump Train Ticket! 😎

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