Hillary Clinton To Campaign With Florida Socialist Andrew Gillum

Socialist Florida Governor candidate Andrew Gillum is teaming up with Hillary Clinton to hopefully sway your vote. Together they will try to turn our sunny place in paradise into the Peoples Republic Of Florida! No way we’re gonna let that happen!

Hillary Clinton is teaming up with Andrew Gillum to promote Gillum’s socialist plans for Florida. Say NO to the Peoples State Of Florida!

From the Orlando Sentinel: Hillary Clinton is planning to stump in South Florida for Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum. The event will be on Oct 23 though Gillum’s campaign has not released the specific location of the event or ticket information.

I’m honored to have Secretary Clinton join me in Florida next month, Gillum said in a campaign statement. Hillary knows just what’s at stake in this election, affordable health care, a brighter future for our children. And the choice in this election could not be clearer.

Andrew Gillum is under FBI Investigation. He was their guest on a boat tour of the Statute Of Liberty. FBI agents were onboard as Gillum bragged about his Tallahassee Successes. Sadly the fact is Tallahassee is infested with crime and is a socialist ghetto!

It’s Imperative that Florida Votes REPUBLICAN For Ron DeSantis. If Andrew Gillum gets control of our state, he will turn Florida into a GhEttO just like Tallahassee.

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