Gutter Politics All Time LOW Smearing Brett Kavanaugh

Democrats have no shame smearing Brett Kavanaugh using unfounded sexual assault allegations. This is a NEW LOW for the democratic party who has no morals. Democrats have no scruples. The Democratic party will do anything to win. They could care less what they are doing to Brett Kavanughs Wife and Children. And it’s all part of a master plan to keep this fine Republican Judge off the Supreme Court!

Michael Avenatti Democratic Gutter Attorney
Michael Avenatti the 47-year-old seasoned litigator makes new headlines helping Democrats smear Brett Kavanaugh

Democratic Operative Admits Derailing Kavanaugh is Really About ‘Saving’ the Supreme Court from Trump. It’s nothing but a dirty Democratic party Black Op! 😡

Brian Fallon is a former top spokesman for Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign, a confidante to Sen. Chuck Schumer, and an-ex senior official in Eric Holder’s Justice Department. He’s also now the public face of a left-wing group devoted to defeating President Trump’s judicial nominees, with the most urgent priority being doing whatever is necessary to prevent Republicans from filling the current Supreme Court vacancy.

This is the same dirty Gutter Politics that Hillary Clinton played that cost her the election. Paid protesters started riots and beat up Trump supporters at MAGA Rallies. Americans learned what was going on and voted with their hearts to save America!

Friends – America needs you to Vote Republican in the Midterms. Democrats if YOU don’t agree with the way your party is smearing Brett Kavanaugh just #WalkAway! 😉

Sean Hannity laid it all out on the line during his opening monologue.

With the Democratic Party in power there is no presumed “Innocent until proven guilty.” This smear campaign slinging unproven allegations is attempting to destroy a good man and his family. Don’t let Democrats destroy the good Donald Trump has done for our homeland. Senate please vote YES for Brett Kavanaugh. Vote Republican Midterms!

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