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Google TGIF Event Video Why Big Tech Hates America

This Google video leaked from a TGIF event shortly after the 2016 presidential election reveals an atmosphere of panic among the tech giant’s leadership. The video also reveals the companies determination to disrupt the Donald J. Trump effect.

Media critic and Trump supporter Mark Dice talks about key points in Googles hour long video. The full original TGIF video is on Breitbart News. Key moments with their time frames are also within their revealing and shocking article.

Google does in fact hold the keys to the Internet. They decide what we are allowed to find using their search engine. It’s safe to now say conservatives and Trump supporters are being censored. It’s like the old Soviet Union Red Curtain all over again.

I’m shocked at what these people think of me and other red blooded hard working Americans. With the economy roaring like a lion why does Google Hate Trumps America?

Why can’t Google just concentrate on Tech and stay out of politics? It’s like the NFL players Kneeling during our National Anthem, just do your job and play Football! 😉

I must admit i love all this cool tech Google has provided us. Their calendar is especially useful. But using an Android smartphone I’m getting spooked lately and have disabled it’s GPS location feature. I’ve also disabled any saved searches and other event history within my Google account. Sometimes i wonder if they turn on my smartphones microphone and record my conversations.

Under Barack Obama’s presidency tech firms have been allowed to amass way too much power. Google is the Mack daddy of them all – followed by Facebook and Twitter.

Breitbart’s video reveals the troubling culture within the silicone valley tech giant’s corporate inner circle. One employee talks about excising his right to white power. Co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, among other top level execs speeches should wake America up. If they manage to get more Democrats elected during the midterms and overtake the senate and the house America is up the creek without a paddle.

Google Video TGIF Leaked Event

Photo of our president Donald J. Trump shadowing a Google logo. Why does Google HATE Donald Trump’s America?

Maybe it’s time for government regulation of big tech. It’s obvious Google has become a troubling monopoly. They control and manipulate our daily lives. American telephone and telegraph (AT&T) got so big they stifled their competition and was eventually broke up by government anti-trust regulators.

Believe me, I’m the last person to wish government regulation on anyone. But in situations like this where tech companies are conspiring to manipulate public opinion and overthrow our president, something has to be done and done FAST!

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