Donald Trump Sticks It To Hateful Media At Indiana Rally 08/30/18

President Donald Trump held another big rally last night in Evansville Indiana to the cheers from attendees. Trump stuck it to hateful liberal left-wing media and left leaning social media behemoths. It’ll soon be take out the trash time! 😎

Trump Rally Evansville IN

President Donald J. Trump held this rally in Evansville IN 08/30/18 in support of Republican Senate candidate Mike Braun.

Trump railed against the dishonest news media as he spoke in support of Republican Senate candidate Mike Braun, who is seeking to unseat Sen. Joe Donnelly in November. Prefer to listen to this rally? Trump rally podcasts on Mixcloud.

Trump attacked CNN and NBC during the rally in Evansville, Ind., calling NBC worse than CNN. He also went after a New York Times reporter over coverage of his past crowd size, saying the reporter doesn’t have a clue. These are just dishonest, terrible people.

America LOVES President Trump! We’re lucky to have him as our President! 😉

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