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Democratic Party Educating American Voters

The Democratic Party is doing a great job Educating American Voters on who they are. And especially what they stand for. With the midterm election coming up soon It’s Imperative to study the players before heading to the polls! 😉

Maxine Waters Educating American Voters

Maxine Waters has to GO along with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer. Study both parties candidates friends before voting

There are some rotten apples in the bushel spoiling the good ones. America has seen a fantastic turn around since Donald Trump took office. I’m famous for saying Vote Republican but unfortunately some Republicans are worthless too.

In all honesty the Democrats are doing a great job educating America’s voters who they are. Democrats want a socialist government where everything is free. They have done a good job concealing their party’s narrative over the years. But Donald Trump has manipulated them into making total fools of themselves.

American voters must make our votes count. Those we elect must support Donald Trump number one. Those we elect must support American values. Support ICE Etc.

America has never been stronger in many years. The TRUMP Effect is working! There is no FREE LUNCH! Get out and get a job! And VOTE with your Country in mind!

Oh well.. As usual.. Just my two cents worth!

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