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WHM cPanel Latest Version Update To Current Instructions

WHM cPanel Version 70 is in Current release as of this posting. Version 70’s biggest feature is cPhulk country blocking. This protects your server from SSH and other attacks by troublesome countries that take place constantly.

Webhost Manager WHM Mai Menu

How to update your WHM cPanel to current release, taking advantage of countries blocking feature.

Today we lay out how to update your servers preferences to upgrade to any Current WHM / cPanel release. First before attempting this procedure we highly recommend taking a snap-shot / backing up your instance if this service is provided by your hosting provider. It’s better being safe than sorry later!

Login to your root account. Next type upgrade in the search box. Select upgrade preferences from the menu choices. Chances are your server is set for Release. Change that to current and restart WHM.

WHM cPanel Update Settings

Changing web host manager WHM default version upgrade settings to current.

After restarting WHM there should be an update prompt in the header field to upgrade to current release. Click update to start the process. Do not interrupt or shut down WHM while your upgrade is processing.

When the upgrade is done restart WHM. Next proceed to Security center > cPhulk brute force protection. Here you should see a new tab Countries Management. Using the search feature type a country. There will be an option to whitelist of block certain countries.

WHM cPanel Country Block

Example WHM cPanel country block selected.

Oh well.. As usual.. Just my two cents worth! 😎

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