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Vladimir Putin Tired Of Liberals & Media Blaming Russia

Looks like Russian President Vladimir Putin is sick of American DemocRats and the liberal media they feed. Can’t say i blame the man. Trump should lock Crooked Hillary and her cronies up so they stop pointing the finger at Russia! 😡

Vladimir Putin Mad At CNN

Vladimir Putin announces a new nuclear missile and dramatizes a missile strike on Florida.

It don’t take a college education or other fancy degree to realize America should be an Ally with Russia. The bullshit in Washington needs to stop before a tragedy happens.

From TBT: During his annual state of Russia speech, President Vladimir Putin unveiled what he called a devastating new intercontinental ballistic missile.

To illustrate how it works, he showed the audience a video that ended with warheads raining down on the United States — specifically, what appears to be the Tampa Bay area.

For one local expert in Russian military operations, the speech was reminiscent of the depths of the Cold War. And it left some wondering why Putin would choose Tampa to make his point.

I can understand why Tampa would be a target. United States Central Command (CENTCOM) is operated out of MacDill AFB and is where our drones are operated from. IF that happened i probably wouldn’t have time to kiss my fat ass goodbye before all of Tampa Bay was vaporized! It’s the fault of DemocRats and their liberal media they spin pinning the donkeys tail on Russia Russia Russia Russia!

At least the number two media at bashing Donald Trump sent expendable Megyn Kelly to interview Vladimir Putin. Megyn Kelly is sickining even her coworkers dislike her.

Just remember America if we get Nuked by Russia it’s the DemocRats fault. And also ABC CNN MSNBC NBC that are spinning the anti Russia Narrative! 🙁

Oh well.. As Usual.. Just my two cents worth! 😎

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