Merry Christmas America From Donald J Trump

Our president Donald J Trump signed into law America’s Tax Reform that promotes business growth, and puts more money in American workers pockets! It’s indeed a very Merry Christmas for America!

Merry Christmas From Donald J Trump - Tax Reform Passed
Donald J Trump yesterday signed into law America’s tax reform that promotes business, and more money in workers pockets.

Unfortunately there are those Democrats who hate it. Chuck ‘tears’ Schumer had a conniption fit over it. If you’re a Democrat, maybe consider abandoning your party and getting aboard the Trump Train! 😉

Donald J Trump has done more for America in 9 Months, that Barack Obama did in two terms. Regardless the Tears keep flowing. Democrats want to tax American’s to death and depend on foreign county jobs! 😡

Oh well.. Some people just can’t be helped! But for the rest of us riding the Trump Train, relive election night 2016, courtesy of YouTube publisher, Mark F.

Thank you Donald J Trump for all you do for America. You’re an Angel sent from heaven to help rebuild the damage done by Democrats! 🙂

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