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CNN Beaten And Bloodied Threatens Trump MEME Creator

Once upon a time CNN was on top of the world. The once trusted cable news network has been flushed down the corporate toilet again. Folks no longer believe the fake news they spin. They prove their ignorance day after day! 😆

Trump Tweets Anger CNN

Gotta love our fearless leader Donald J. Trump who has CNN coming unglued again!

Recently CNN drove another nail in their coffin by threatening a Donald Trump wrestling video creator who was a Reditt community member.

Naturally the Twitterspere exploded. Twitter users cried out in anger. The hashtag #CNNBlackmail was soon trending as the community created more anti-CNN memes. The toilet news network was beaten to a pulp and couldn’t stop the assault. 😉

BUT it seems CNNblackmail targeted the wrong Reditt user. Just like their world famous #FakeNews They just found someone to pin their fake story on.

We bet there are plenty of suspended twitter accounts over this #CNNBlackMail trend!

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