Kathy Griffin Flip Flops On Trump Apology Hires Lisa Bloom

Kathy Griffin aired a bloody resemblance of Donald Trumps head and social media went after her head. When the heat got so hot she couldn’t stand it, she aired an apology video. Obviously she liked the abuse she received and then hired high profile attorney Lisa Bloom to add more gasoline to the already sizzling hot fire.

Kathy Griffin and Lisa Bloom Hold Press Conference

Kathy Griffin attends press release with attorney Linda Bloom, claims a bunch of white people bullied her.

There’s a bunch of old white guys trying to silence me! Kathy Griffin breaks down in tears claiming Trump family ruined her life – as her lawyer scoffs at report Barron was upset over severed head video

Thought I’d seen it all.. What’s Next? It’s a common media concept to get the persons name spread all over the net. However NOT the way Griffin did! 😆

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